2012 NYE Projects

Continue the Impact of the NYE Faith, Service, Justice Projects

- Stay Engaged -

Here are some photos from the 2012 National Youth Event.  It was a huge success!

As you return home ...

  • Locate projects already in process and agencies already providing services in your home community.  Get involved.  See your actions multiply the effects of that service already present.
  • Plan a community project in your home town.  Organize it as an interfaith project.
  • Identify ways to make a public witness for issues of justice in local, state, and national settings.  Know you are not alone.
  • Inform yourself and others.  Maybe there are some ideas for school research papers on this page.

Some follow up resources related to your service sites at NYE, 2012:

Stay involved in Action - Reflection - Action.  Organize your group for Service-Learning, Disaster Recovery or Immersion-Education Mission Trips through UCC Partners in the United States.  Or organize a group trip to visit partners around the globe.

To schedule a group trip around the globe, visit the Global Ministries website.
  Sign on to a letter created by youth at NYE who did a project on advocating for equality in public education.  Join the youth by protesting that in this election year virtually no candidates are talking about the major issues they notice in their public schools.  Already almost 2,000 letters have been sent to President Obama, Congress, and the Secretary of Education.  Click here to join the movement!

Commit a summer or a whole year to service and justice advocacy in the midst of forming intentional community with your peers, engaging in leadership development with a UCC congregation, and talking faith.

Summer Communities of Service, ages 19-30.

UCC Young Adult Service Communities, ages 21-30

Join others in action with your elected officials and to influence public opinion.


Follow up on your experience with the Lafayette Schools and the Building a Justice campaign project.

Advocate for justice in Public Education.

Get involved with teaching literacy in your community.  Check out the Laubach Literacy Council near you.  Frank Laubach, the creator of this style of adult literacy education was a missionary in the Philippines through our UCC predecessors.

Encourage partners around the world who are expanding literacy.  Visit Global Ministries website for additional information.

Share your presence with Senior Living Communities everywhere.  Many senior living organizations are directly related to the United Church of Christ. 

Get connected through the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries.


Continue your engagement with environmental sustainability that you helped with at the Girl Scout Camp's Rain Garden or the Lafayette Parks and Recreation department.

United Church of Christ Environmental Ministries

Encourage partners around the world who are working for environmental sustainability.  Global Ministries


Stay involved with health and wellness efforts you assisted at the WCA, YMCA, and Health Care Center.

Health Ministries of the United Church of Christ


Extend the food distribution you did with the Salvation Army and Food Finders Food Bank.

Find your local food bank.

Use the "Just Eating" curriculum with your congregation.

Share in an offering of letters to your legislators related to food issues through Bread for the World.

Encourage your congregation to participate in the Economic Justice Covenant program.


Rev. Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115