Yakama Christian Mission (White Swan)

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 David Bell  
  2551 Signal Peak Road
  P.O. Box 547
  White Swan, WA 98952
  Phone: 509.969.2093
  Web site: 

Yakama Christian Mission seeks to enhance the well-being of children and youth through advocacy and education.

Project/Focus: Yakama features Learning and Serving trips.  Service opportunities vary according to the needs of the community and the mission site. Service also includes daily workshops to address cultural justice in a multicultural world.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  Learning and serving trips (L&S) are unique from work trips and other mission trips because they are intentional times for the participant to reflect on their role in the community.  Work trips and mission trips also do this, but often from a subjective stance.  L&S trips allows the subjective to occur, but also adds to the experience an intentional learning aspect to the trip.  Trips to the Yakama Mission will include small group to grapple with the issues and information provided.  Each workshop delves into current issues facing out first-world society and experienced first-hand by those living on the Yakama reservation.

Time: All year long.

Group Size: All types and sizes of groups.

Minimum Age:  None

Accommodations: Bunks for 15 people. Larger groups are welcome with sleeping on the floor or in tents.  Groups provide for themselves. Groups larger than 40 members should contact staff at least 6 months before tip to allow preparation time.

Cost: Learning and Serving trips are $295 per person for the week.  Includes lodging and supplies.  There are short-term opportunities, please check the website or call for price.

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Rev. Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
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Cleveland,Ohio 44115