North Dakota

UCC Disaster Recovery in Minot (Souris Valley), North Dakota
with Souris Valley Long Term Recovery Committee 
Housing at Congregational UCC, Minot, ND

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Contact:  Howard Self, UCC Disaster Recovery Registrar (Minot)
Phone: 618.318.2445 (Cell)

The Disaster Event:  The unprecedented flood waters left over 4,000 homes unlivable and displaced over 12,000 residents.  Flood protection built after a flood in 1969 was thought to protect many homes, but water covered their rooftops in 2011.  Of the 4,000+ homes damaged, less than 400 had flood insurance. The flood waters stayed longer than any other flood in US history.  

Project/Focus:  Long-Term Disaster recovery from summer 2011 Flood.  Projects include debris removal, power washing and sanitization, demolition of interior and/or exterior building structures, building repairs such as porches, steps, ramps, structural damage, and the rebuilding construction of homes.

Educational/Advocacy Components: 

Preparation for the trip:  "Mission Trips That Matter" by Don C. Richter, Upper Room Books.  

On-Site Reflection: "Meeting God in the Ruins - Devotions for Disaster Relief Volunteers."  Free copies may be ordered from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by calling 800 328-4648 (ISBN 6-0001-6788-1); pay shipping only.  Group leaders are responsible for coordinating these sessions.

Follow-Up Action:  Help your local community prepare for possible disaster and response.  Be sure your local congregation has a plan in case of local disaster (View sample plan).  Get to know your UCC Conference Diaster Coordinator and stay involved.

Time:  Recovery work to continue through 2013.  Arrive Sunday evening and depart by Saturday morning.

Group Size:  20 -- Check with registrar on availability of a particular week for a larger group.

Accommodations:  Housing provided by Congregational UCC, Minot.  Bathrooms, showers, access to kitchen facilities and utensils available.  Laundromat available nearby.  If UCC is booked, the registrar may arrange for groups to stay at Hope Village.

Cost:  $50 per person per week to cover utilities for hosting church.

Costs for building materials and tools, and construction supervision provided through the local Souris Valley (includes Minot) Long-Term Recovery Committee.  Your donations to UCC One Great Hour of Sharing®, and the UCC 2011 Spring Storms Appeal, help make the local work for the Long-Term Recovery Committee and to provide this opportunity for groups to serve.

Minimum Age:  16 years.

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5

UCC Identity:  UCC Disaster Recovery T-shirts available for purchase from United Church of Christ Resources 800 537-3394 or under "Buy It"  cost of T-shirt:  $7.00 + shipping and handling.


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