All Peoples Christian Center
(Los Angeles)

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: Saundra Bryant, Executive Director
         822 East 20th Street
         Los Angeles, CA 90011  
Phone: 213.747.6357  
Fax:  213.747.0541 
Web site:  

All Peoples Christian Center  provides a broad spectrum of social services to all, regardless of faith or race, and to empower the community to meet its needs by promoting equality, unity, respect, and self-determination among all who participate in these programs.

Project/Focus: A balance is sought between relationship building and more physical work, such as painting the interior and exterior of the building, maintenance / construction-type work on neighborhood houses, and food program distribution. Groups also work with children and youth within the existing programs of daycare/preschool and after-school programs.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Impact Discussion allows staff to speak to group about different programs at the center. Reality Tour introduces group members to the neighborhood and “Face to Face Sharing” includes individuals sharing from their experience about realities of the context. Topics may include immigration or "growing up in the inner city.” Ideally, “Face to Face Sharing” is arranged for an hour each day. 

Accommodations:  All Peoples, when available, sometimes houses groups. All Peoples has a stocked kitchen facility and a gym and can arrange a sleeping area (not including sleeping bags), but only two (2) showers. Group will provide food and cook their meals.

Cost: $150 registration fee (non-refundable) and $10.00 per person daily fee.

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Centro Romero (San Ysidro)

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:  The Daniel F. Romero Center for Border Ministries, Centro Romero
   173 W. Hall Avenue
   San Ysidro, CA 92173
Email: or
Phone:  619.428.8700
Fax:  619.428.8705

Centro Romero is one of the Centers for Education and Social Transformation, of Justice and witness Ministries in the national UCC setting.  It tries to create an environment where social transformation can take place by furthering understanding of the migratory realities between Latin America and the United States.

Project/Focus:  Educational-transformational immersion seminars along the border focus on issues of globalization, economic policies, immigration, and community empowerment. Participants have the opportunity to meet with people of different perspectives on a variety of social, political, economic, faith, and environmental issues. Centro Romero strives to coordinate visits and talks with people who live on both sides of the border and that are directly affected by the challenges of the US.-Mexico border (San Diego-Tijuana). Educational tracks for seminars include spiritual/theological track; environmental racism/justice track; and globalization/worker rights track. Activities include talks with activists; community organizers; church leaders working to bring about social change.

A typical immersion day consists of four to five site-visits in the city of San Diego and/or Tijuana. During the weekend program, most immersion times are spent in Tijuana. During the week long program, the experience balances time between San Diego and Tijuana sites. Activities include talks with activists; community organizers; church leaders working to bring about social change.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  The Romero Center also offers immersion experiences, lectures, workshops and conferences at sites in San Ysidro and in Tijuana, Mexico; support outreach activities with local communities, schools, churches, universities, and seminaries; and leadership development for those interested in justice work on both sides of the border. “If participants desire to grow as individuals and as a human family, there is a theologically-based need to cross borders. At the Romero Center we accept that borders will never disappear, but we also believe that borders do not have to divide or separate. Borders can be privileged meeting places. Through our immersion opportunities, participants are invited to view or observe the border and reflect theologically considering the border communities as places of great importance and as markers that enable us to recognize and respect the differences that make us who we are as individuals and societies.” See website for more details.

See website for more details.

Time:  Weekend Immersion Seminar:  Fri. - Sun.  7 day Educational-Transformational Seminar:  Sun. - Sat.

Participants:  Seminars are designed to fit the interests of church members, students of all ages, government officials, community organizers, seminarians, universities and colleges, business persons, and community and labor organizers.

Costs: Call for costs.

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Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR) (Hollywood/Los Angeles)

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: DOOR Program National Office
   See listing for DOOR programs in entry under national office in Denver, Colorado.
Phone: 303.295.3667
Fax: 866.559.3248
Web site:

DOOR is an urban learning and service program.

Groups experience the city and learn about it through volunteering at a variety of community agencies already present in the community, including soup kitchens and homeless shelters.  Groups stay at facilities in the city, hear a local perspective on the city, use public transportation when available, interact with people of the city and reflect on their experiences.  


DOOR locations nationwideCalifornia (Hollywood/Los Angeles); Colorado (Denver)Georgia (Atlanta), Illinois (Chicago), Florida (Miami) and Texas (San Antonio).

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Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries (FIRM, Inc.)


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Sophia DeWitt, Project Director
   1940 N. Fresno Street
   Fresno, CA  93703
Phone:  559.487.1500
Fax:  559.487.1550
Web Site:

FIRM shares Christ's love to build communities of hope with new Americans.

Project/Focus:  Work with children from low-income neighborhoods and refugee families during FIRM’s intensive “Summer Youth Project” (June-July-August). Help with light maintenance tasks around FIRM’s office property. Assist with sorting and picking up donations, as needed. Special events are held year round.

Educational/Advocacy Component:  Group cultural orientation, multicultural staff and language support are part of the experiences at FIRM. FIRM staff helps groups engage with other cultures and address complex issues of poverty, housing and community health. FIRM also provides the opportunities to link with youth from refugee backgrounds – including Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, and Ukrainian.

Time:  Year-round, especially during summer and spring break.

Group Size:  Up to 25

Minimum Age:  13 years

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5

Accommodations:  FIRM staff can provide suggestions for lodging with local churches and inexpensive dining at local ethnic restaurants.

Cost:  $10.00 per person per day to cover the cost of FIRM staff preparing activities for your group.

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Interfaith Community Services (Escondido)

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: Chelsea Buck
   550 West Washington Avenue, Ste. B
   Escondido, CA 92025 

Phone: 760.489.6380 ext. 218
Fax: 760.740.0837
Web site: 

Project/Focus: Food bank organization, pantry cleaning, weeding and planting garden boxes at housing facility, and yard work.  Availability of projects subject to change.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Exposure to how Interfaith offers a full continuum of care for the displaced and under served. 

Time: Yearlong. Contact organization three to six months before trip.

Group Size: 10–15 persons

Minimum Age: 15 years

Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:5

Accommodations: Volunteers arrange their own accommodations and transportation.

Cost: Please call for cost.

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Rev. Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland,Ohio 44115