Nurturing Faith

Nurturing Faith

Planning the Church's Educational Mission in a Local Setting — This resource helps a local church create its own educational mission statement.

The Present Word – Adult Bible study resources based on the Cooperative Uniform Lesson Series. Click title or call UCCR Resources 800.537.3394

Gather 'Round A Bible story curriculum. New for 2007-2008.

PowerXpress – Ideal for churches using a rotation format. Engages children in Bible stories and characters by using your volunteers' skills. Abington Press $110.00

The Kerygma Program – Choose from a wide variety of Bible studies - long or short; beginner, intermediate or advanced; studies on specific books or topics of the Bible or the Bible as a whole. htp://

Companions in Christ – Offers small groups a powerfully transforming experience in spiritual formation. All resources in the series explore classic spiritual practices, and invite participants to develop daily patterns that open their lives to a deepening relationship with God and one another. $20.00 Upper Room ministries

To Begin At the Beginning: An Introduction to the Christian Faith (Revised and Expanded) by Martin B. Copenhaver (The Pilgrim Press, 1989) An enjoyable, enlightening journey into the basics of Christianity and an invitation and encouraging provocation to deeper study. Questions accompany the 14 chapters, each of which could be the focus of study. $16.00. To order click title or call UCCR Resources 800.654-5129

Insights: Bible Studies for Growing Faith (The Pilgrim Press) Insights is a series of five to eight session, thematically-based studies for individuals and groups seeking to find meaning and direction for their lives by exploring the Scriptures in ways that are helpful and inspirational. $5.00 each Titles in the series include:

A User's Guide to the Bible by Lynne Mobberley Deming #13357
The Bible and Spiritual Disciplines by Holly W. Whitcomb #14043
Facing Change by Leah Matthews #13764
Job by Raymond Whitfield#15570
Powers and Principalities by Gene L. Davenport #15538
Women in the Bible: A Short Overview by Barbara J. Essex #14299
The Bible and Decision Making by Stephanie Boughton Haines #14210
Forgiveness #15791
Living In Crisis #15808

To Order: call UCCR Resources 800.654.5129

Curriculum Resource Information
2005-2006 Curricula Catalog contains information on all curriculum resources for the church's settings, as well as related resources from United Church Press and The Pilgrim Press, Bibles/Bible study materials, and UCC identity products. To order click title or call UCCR Resources 800.654.5129

Practices of Faith Pamphlets designed to help in ministry to members and visitors. EP128 Packages of 20 individual titles, $2.00. Pamphlets include:

Practice of Faith - Scripture
Practice of Faith - Prayer
Practice of Faith - Stewardship
Practice of Faith - Working for Justice
Practice of Faith - Gifts of Ministry
Practice of Faith - Healing and Reconciliation
Practice of Faith - Confirmation
Practice of Faith - Marriage
Circle of Grace
Practice of Faith - Mission
Book of Worship (Pocket)
Book of Worship (Loose-leaf)
Practice of Faith - SET
Practice of Faith - Baptism
Practice of Faith - Communion

Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster Discover a richer spiritual life infused with joy, peace, and a deeper understanding of God. Celebration of Discipline explores the "classic Disciplines," or central spiritual practices, of the Christian faith. (Harper Books) $23.95

Other Nurturing Faith Resources

Amistad: The Slave Uprising Aboard the Spanish Schooner by Helen Kromer (The Pilgrim Press, 1997) $16.00

The Creeds and Platforms of Congregationalism by Williston Walker (The Pilgrim Press, 1991), $29.95

Hidden Histories in the UCC, Volume 1 by Barbara Brown Zikmund (The pilgrim Press, 1987),$15.00

Hidden Histories in the UCC, Volume 2 by Barbara Brown Zikmund (The pilgrim Press, 1987),$15.00

A History of the Evangelical and Reformed Church by David Dunn, Editor (The Pilgrim Press, 1990), $17.00

The Shaping of American Congregationalism: 1620-1957 by John Von Rohr (The Pilgrim Press, 1992), $30.00

The Shaping of the United Church of Christ: An Essay in the History of American Christianity by Louis H. Gunnemann (The Pilgrim Press, 1999), $20.00

Theology and Identity: Traditions, Movements, and Polity in the United Church of Christ by Charles Hambrick-Stowe (The Pilgrim Press, 1990), $17.00

The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith by Marcus J. Borg (harper collins, 2003)$14.95

Reading The Bible Again For The First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally by Marcus J. Borg (HarperCollins) $14.95

United and Uniting: The Meaning of an Ecclesial Journey by Louis H. Gunnemann (The Pilgrim Press, 1987), $13.00

Confessing Our Faith: An Interpretation of the Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ by Roger Lincoln Shinn (The Pilgrim Press, 1990), $11.00

The Living Theological Heritage, 7 volumes (The Pilgrim Press), $350.00 per set. Also sold separately, $60.00 per volume

          Volume 1: Ancient and Medieval Legacies
          Volume 2: Reformation Roots
          Volume 3: Colonial and National Beginnings
          Volume 4: Consolidation and Expansion
          Volume 5: Outreach and Diversity
          Volume 6: Growing Toward Unity
          Volume 7: United and Uniting

Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People edited by Dorothy C. Bass (Jossey-Bass Publisher, 1998) $17.95

Experiencing The Heart Of Christianity: A 12 Session Program for Groups by Tim Scorer (Wood Lake Books, 2005), $35.00 Order from UCCR Resources.

Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott (Anchor Books, 2000), $13.00

Sisters: Bible Study for Women (Abingdon Press), $145.00

Men's Ministry Action Plan adapted from Men's Ministry Action Plan, 1998, Man in the Mirror, Inc. United Church Resources,), $5.00

Spiritual Deepening in Small Groups by Carolyn Landers Pettigrew 1999), Leader's Guide, $5.00, 10 Participant Booklets, $25.00

Children Learn What They Read: Seeing the Presence of God through Selected Storybooks by Carolyn Landers Pettigrew and Dawn Karima Pettigrew.

Will Our Faith Have Children? Video Study Guide (Episcopal Church, 2003), $25.00 for VHS or DVD. Four video segments help participants consider what it means to speak of Christian formation in the church today.

Hidden Wholeness: An African American Spirituality for Individuals and Communities by Michael I. N. Dash, Jonathan Jackson, and Stephen C. Rasor (United Church Press, 1997), $15.00 #0829811648. To Order call UCCR Resources 800-537-3394

You Belong: A Handbook for Church Members by Allen H. Marheine (United Church Press, 1995), $5.00 The text includes 34 readings on aspects of church membership.

Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril by Sallie McFague (Augsburg Fortress, 1991), $18.00, free study guide available at

Same-Sex Marriage? A Christian Ethical Analysis by Marvin M. Ellison (The Pilgrim Press, 2004), $24.00.

Living the Questions (Living the Questions Publishers, 2005), $250.00

Beginnings (Abingdon Press, 2003), $325.00

Generation Why Bible Studies (Mennonite Publishing House) $12.99-$14.99 per course.

Faith in Motion Series (Abingdon) Leader's Guide, $12.00, Student Guide $7.00 per course.

Reel to Real (Abingdon), $5.00 each Order from Cokesbury. New downloadable resources at

Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation by Neil Howe and William Strauss(Vintage Books, 2000) $14.95.

Making God Real for a New Generation: Ministry with Millennials Born from 1982-1999 by Craig Kennet Miller and Mary Jane Pierce Norton (Discipleship Resource, 2003) $15.00.

Ted and Lee Theater Works (Mennonite Media), Video, $24.95 each.

Beyond the News: Parenting Adolescents (Mennonite Media), Video, $24.95.

Alternative Worship: Resources from and for the Emerging Church compiled by Jonny Baker and Doug Gay with Jenny Brown (Baker, 2003) $24.99.

The Book of Uncommon Prayer by Steven L. Case (Zondervan, 2002). $19.95

Vacation Bible School Learning Design. Joint project by First Congregational UCC and Mayflower UCC of Sioux City, Iowa and UCC of North Sioux City of North Sioux City, South Dakota; Published by The Stillspeaking Initiative. UCCR at 800.537.3394

Single-Digit Youth Groups (Abingdon, 2004), $10.00 Prepared by R. Kenneth Ostermiller. Order from UCCR Resources call 800.537.3394