Life Together

Life Together

Manual on Church – Perspectives and Procedures for Association and Local Church Covenantal Partners   This resource explores the covenantal relationships between local congregations and associations (or conferences acting as associations), fostering dialog and increased understanding.  Free.

Called to Care: A Notebook for Lay Caregivers A comprehensive resource which provides training and ongoing support for a congregation's caring ministries.  $75.00

Called to Care: A Pocket Handbook for Lay Caregivers This handbook provides guidelines for visitors, scripture and prayers.  Free.  Online in .pdf format.

Devo'Zine Magazine This unique magazine for teens is designed to link teens to their peers and help strengthen their faith.  Devo'Zine Online features sample meditations from the magazine e and the DZ Question.  $20.00 for one year subscription (Upper Room Books)

Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens This graphics-filled book, edited by Dorothy C. Bass and Don C. Richter, explores ways to deepen awareness of God's presence in our lives today.  $16.00, free leader's guide (Upper Room Books)    Find even more stories and conversations at a website for youth and youth leaders.

Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith   A series of age-appropriate sexuality education programs, written by professional sexuality educations, the program provides accurate information for parents, teachers and pastors to use within the church.  Contact Ann Hanson at or 866.822.8224 x3718 for more information.  

Living the Labyrinth: 101 Paths to a Deeper Connection with the Sacred In brief devotional chapters, this book by Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion offers a wealth of creative ways to explore this unique and ancient spiritual tool.  (Pilgrim Press) $17.00

Also available

Praying the Labyrinth: A Journal for Spiritual Exploration
The Labyrinth and the Enneagram
Labyrinth and Song of Songs
Pondering the Labyrinth
Celebration Videos A series of three videos about UCC members:
Celebration 1: Who Do We Say We Are?  Profiles three members from around the country and illustrates how their faith journeys intersect with the historic work of the UCC.  Celebration 2: Where All Are Welcome  Shows the varied ways in which UCC members reach out to others, and how our church lives into its commitment to be a multiracial, multicultural, open and affirming church, accessible to all.  Celebration 3: Why We Teach and How We Learn  Highlights the integral role that education plays in the United Church of Christ.  $19.95 each, set of 3 for $50.00