Inspiring Generosity

Inspiring Generosity

Is stewardship just another church program, or do we see it as a channel for living transformed lives?  How do we, as stewardship leaders, help our churches raise and engage questions that matter from the very beginning of the life we share as a congregation?  How do we teach those new or returning to the church about giving to the church?  The Stewardship and Church Finances Ministry Team starts with the conviction that generosity is a spirit and an approach to life that is waiting to happen in every church member and any congregation.  We produce resources and programs, beginning with our foundational resource, Inspiring Generosity, to help the local church recognize its own spirit of generosity, focus on it, and tap into its transformational power in the world.


Inspiring Generosity – A Stewardship Resource for the Local Church This resource looks at ways to understand and approach money and mission realistically, given the changing conditions in congregations of the United Church of Christ today. Intended for use by lay leaders as well as clergy, it includes the theological background on the motivation for giving, as well as four programmatic approaches to fund raising in the church. $15.00. To order: click link above or call UCC Resources, 800.537.3394.

Electronic Giving - Stillspeaking Money - The automated giving program of the United Church of Christ – makes it easy for church members to give to their local congregation via electronic transfer of funds. Learn all about it – order "A Church Guide to Stillspeaking Money." "Giver's Guide" also available - makes introducing your congregation to electronic giving easy with a brochure that answers most frequently asked questions about this method of giving regularly and faithfully, even when we're away from our home church. Giving cards are also available, for electronic givers to place in offering plate. Free. To order call UCC Resources, 800-537-3394..

7 Ways to Increase Giving in Your Congregation
Good ideas and lively conversation-starters for your stewardship committee, trustees, and other church leaders. Basics of stewardship in a condensed, easy-to-use brochure. Free. To order call UCC Resources, 800.537.3394

Annual Stewardship Theme Materials
Newly designed every year, these colorful, coordinated materials based on scripture can greatly help your congregation with its annual stewardship effort. Materials include full-color poster, four motivational bulletin inserts (including giving chart), worship folder, letterhead and envelope, note card, and commitment cards. Check out these new materials: Call UCC Resources, 800.537.3394.

Asking for Support A handy 8-page guide to the most popular and effective stewardship methods in use by churches today. Briefly summarizes 10 annual stewardship commitment programs and tells where to get more information on each as well as links to other sources of helpful stewardship material. Valuable for pastors, lay leaders, or committees as they decide on which stewardship method will work best for them. Free. SCF2304 call UCC Resources, 800.537.3394.

God's Gifts, My Gifts Teaches that God is the source of who we are and what we have, and is our model for being generous and faithful. Elementary-age children will have fun in class or at home using these five colorful and snappy foldout sheets with individual and group activities, including scriptural texts and prayers to reinforce the church; personal decisions, loving God, self, and others. Use for confirmation and new member classes. Set includes five active lessons: Share Love With Your Offering (available as a single sheet for $.75 each), Seek God with Your Whole Heart, Rooted in Love, Love is the Greatest, Dare 2BU. Set of all five activity sheets plus stickers: 1-10 set, $5.00 each; 11-25 sets, $4.50 each; 26 or more sets, $4.00 each. Item #SCCRS Call United Church of Christ Resources at 800.537.3394

Stewardship Messages on UCC Weekly Offering Envelopes
Provide a biblical or theological perspective on stewardship every Sunday of the year. To order: or call UCCR Resources 800.537.3394

About the Stillspeaking Initiative and How to Support it Financially  Concise introduction to Stillspeaking at and information on pledging/giving on line for churches and individuals at

Stillspeaking Coin Box with imprint "Every time I put money in this box, I pray for my church" Free in bundles of 50. #PICCB or UCCR 800.537.3394

Our Church Is 5 for 5!
Is your church 5 for 5? If you contribute to all four special mission offerings in the UCC (One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need, The Christmas Fund) and give to Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support, then your church is 5 for 5! Celebrate this with a 16" x 32" poster that says "Our Church is 5 for 5!" and stickers (1" x 2") that say "My church is 5 for 5!" Poster and stickers are free. Brass-backed lapel pins are available each year to reflect your church's giving. These are $2.00 each. To Order call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

How Important Is the Sunday Morning Offering? A four-page worship resource for the offering to help congregations and worship planners re-think the offering as an occasion of praise. Free. #SCHIS To Order call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

How Much Shall I Give?
A brochure to help church members think about what percentage of their income to give to the church's work. Also available in Spanish. $2.00/fifty #SCL6E to order call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

What Scripture Says about Giving
A brochure that grounds our giving in the witness of Scripture about God's own generosity and love. $2.00/fifty.SCLF5 call UCC  Resources 800.537.3394

Beyond Control: Giving and Community - The Generosity of Praise The theology and motivation of stewardship understood in terms of abundance, praise, and generosity beyond gratitude and reciprocity. Two seminary lectures by William C. Green, minister and team leader of Stewardship and Church Finances, United Church of Christ. Free #SCBCB call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

Every Sunday Bulletins Full-color Sunday bulletins with United Church of Christ mission stories on the back covers. Vision Series and Imagine Series available.  Two sizes in lots of 25. For price information and ordering call 800-325-7061.

United Church of Christ Desk Calendar and Plan Book 2008-2009 available now!
Pastors and church leaders alike find this calendar/plan book helpful in the planning of worship, promotion of offerings, and interpretation of mission. United Church of Christ resources and staff are also listed. $18. #SCC Click the title above or or call UCC Resources 800-537-3394


The Christmas Fund – Remembering Those Who Serve the Church Materials developed by the Ministerial Assistance office of the Pension Boards designed to help local congregations collect offerings to help low-income retired clergy and their widowed spouses. Monies collected for the Christmas Fund provide emergency grants and supplementation to pensions and health insurance premiums for low-income ministerial and lay retirees. Free. To order call 800.325.7061 or go to

One Great Hour of Sharing : Giving Help, Hope and Life An assortment of materials and activities to promote this Lenten offering that supports programs internationally for building sustainable communities, emergency relief and rehabilitation, and refugee advocacy and resettlement, as well as domestic and international disaster preparedness and response. Free. To order call 800.325.7061 or go to

One Great Hour of Sharing : Frequently Asked Questions This resource addresses the what, why, when, who, where, and how questions regarding this UCC special offering. Order from Global Sharing of Resources, 866.822.8224, ext. 3215. Free.

Neighbors in Need : Justice and Compassion like a Mighty Stream Materials to promote this autumn offering that allow us to reach out and touch neighbors with justice and compassion and to advocate for a society in which all people have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. This offering includes support for the work of the Council for American Indian Ministry, efforts to eradicate hunger, and the promotion of justice, peace, and reconciliation. Free. To order call 800.325.7061 or go to

Strengthen the Church : Faithfully Building the Body of Christ Promotional materials for this Pentecost offering that supports the renewal of congregations, helps fund leadership for new churches, and strengthens the witness of the United Church of Christ. Free. To order call 800.325.7061 or go to


Our Church's Wider Mission Brochure A colorful brochure that gives current figures for Our Church's Wider Mission expenditures by the national UCC and briefly tells the story of UCC mission beyond the local church. Ideal for mailing to members or placing in pews. . Free/packs of 25 #SCWMB5 To order call 800.325.7061 or go to

Our Church's Wider Mission Poster "Our Church's Wider Mission: It's who we are." Black and red poster proclaims our mission.  Free. To order call 800.325.7061 or go to

Our Church's Wider Mission Video - Great Generosity, Abundant Blessings
This 15-minute video features three UCC churches whose members are committed to supporting the church and Our Church's Wider Mission. Energizing and inspiring, this video is suitable for showing in a worship setting or with stewardship and outreach committees. Free. SC05WMV. Call UCCR Resources 800.537.3394

"God Is Still Speaking,"/ Our Church's Wider Mission Offering Envelope
A free offering envelope to put into the pew racks so that worshipers can make a special gift any time for Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM). Use it on special occasions to receive an offering for Our Church's Wider Mission or to seek special year-end gifts to help meet your church's OCWM goal. Packs of 100. Free.

Our Church's Wider Mission: Design for a Workshop Everything you need to know to do a workshop about Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM). A detailed outline for workshop leaders in the local church. Free Call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

The Crisis in the Churches: Spiritual Malaise, Fiscal Woe by Robert Wuthnow. This book offers a searching study of the financial crisis in the churches, letting clergy and laity speak for themselves. $36.00. #UCCTCC. Click the title or call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

The Great Permission: An Asset-Based Field Guide for Congregations by Bob Sitze This little book gives you a way of thinking and behaving, rather than just another stewardship method. Shows how to move congregations past problems and toward opportunities—a way to claim the abundance already ours. $6.00  To Order click the title or call UCC Resources 800.537.3394

Living with MoneyAn ecumenical adult education course for congregations that examines the subject of money in the context of Christian faith, for persons of all backgrounds, races, and economic status. Living with Money will liberate the taboo subject of money and allow healthy, open dialog to emerge. You will be amazed at how eagerly members of your congregation will begin talking about this subject. Contains four, 20-minute video segments featuring an outstanding diverse panel of experts, a leader's guide, and participant journals with Bible studies, essays, bibliography, and discussion starters. $125.00. #SCLWM. Click the title or call UCC Resources 800.537.3394.