Extravagent Welcome

Extravagent Welcome

The e Word
Library of Evangelism Resources now available on CD from UCC Resources. Call 800.537.3394. It can be downloaded from www.ucc.org/evangelism

God is Speaking, Through You and Me! A Practical Guide To Witnessing The Still Speaking God In Your Life and Congregation. #E1304, Pack of 50, $10.00 Available from UCC Resources. Call 800.537.3394.

God is Speaking, Through You and Me! Extend Hospitality to Strangers: A Practical Guide for Living the Welcome and Hospitality of the Still Speaking God in Your Life and Congregation. #ECESS2, Pack of 50, $10.00 Available from UCC Resources. Call 800.537.3394.

Making Our Churches Safe for All This resource helps congregations develop their own policies and practices to protect children and others who are vulnerable to abuse or neglect. Available in hard copy from the Insurance Board or on line at ucc.org/ministers/safe

Anybody, Everybody, Christ's Body Developed by the Disabilities Network, this curriculum helps congregations become A-2-A (Accessible to All). Free. #PLLA2A Call UCCR Resources 800.537.3394.

Ending Racism in the Church
edited by Susan Davies and Sister Paul Teresa Hennessee. Seventeen essays call church members to recognize the sin of racism. $13.00, United Church Press.

Even the Stones Will Cry Out for Justice: An Adult Forum on Institutionalized Racism A powerful resource for congregations who want to reach out and embrace people of all races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Designed as a three or five session Bible study or a one day retreat. $4.95, Augsburg Fortress.

Living the Faith: A Guide for Strengthening Multicultural Relationships A compilation of stories, advice and reflections about creating and nurturing multicultural relationships. Includes exercises showing how you understand faith transcends culture. $1.50, Augsburg Fortress, available through ELCA Distribution Services (800) 328-4648 or click the title above.

A House of Prayer for All Peoples: Congregations Building Multi-Racial Community by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook. Focusing on six congregations, this book reveals what it means to create and live out multiracial community. $19.00 Alban Institute. Click the title above or call 800-486-1318, ext. 244.

Show No Partiality edited by Michael Dixon. This study guide helps to uncover and understand racism, encouraging dialog with people of a variety of races and ourselves. $6.99, Chalice Press www.chalicepress.com

Steps Toward Wholeness: Learning and Repentance This study guide, developed by The General Commission on Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns explores personal and institutional racism in six sessions. Free download from www.gccuic-umc.org/web/webpdf/studyguide.pdf

Denouncing Racism: A Resource Guide of Faith-Based Principles This compilation of faith and spiritually based principles, provided by The National Conference for Community and Justice, addresses how the concept of being anti-racist is documented in spiritual practices and policies. Free download from

The Power of Invitation and Welcome A user friendly booklet of "how too's," including how to place a television ad, public relations strategies, a hospitality checklist –a must for churches serious about inviting new people. Free download at stillspeaking.com/resources/ss101/htm or www.uccapps.com/StillspeakingStore/ or call UCCR at 800.537.3394.

Theological Reflection on the TV ads and The Stillspeaking Initiative Reflection on the first two TV ads as media cornerstone of the national identity initiative. Free download at www.uccapps.com/StillspeakingStore/ or call UCCR at 800.537.3394.

Theology of Hospitality: A Gift to the Church Essay on the theological dimensions of hospitality that the United Church of Christ has been celebrating in our ecumenical heritage. Free download at stillspeaking.com/resources/theology.htm

Stillspeaking 101 Training manual and reference companion to the "Ron in a Box" (DVD) Helps participants connect with UCC heritage and identity and explore that of their own church. Click title above or call UCCR Resources 800.537.3394. Also available in VHS PIC101V.

Stillspeaking 102 Manual and DVD reinforces and deepens Stillspeaking 101 training and includes Theological Reflections on the 2006 TV ad with study questions for individuals and groups. Click title above or UCCR at 800.537.3394.

Pew Pad for Visitor Sign-in helps local churches determine how a visitor found them. Order pew pads by clicking the title or call UCCR at 800.537.3394.