Bold Local and Global Witness

Bold Local and Global Witness

Imagine Another World is Possible – A Bible Study and Reflection Guide for Justice Seekers   Learn how the prophetic Word in the Bible supports social justice advocacy today.  This resource can help local congregations, study groups and grass roots organizations embrace God’s transforming mission to do justice, seek peace and build community.

Another World is Possible: Building a Peace with Justice Movement in the UCC  A resource guide for local congregations interested in ministries of advocacy on peace with justice issues which offers a framework for understanding how a multi-issue movement can empower our denomination and its churches.  $19.95  #JWAWP To order call UCCR Resources 800.537.3394

In Response to The Call of Christ   A Bible study and reflection guide.  Available from Justice and Witness Ministries.

Privatization, a Challenge to the Common Good   Reflections collected in this volume explore what would be the consequences of radical privatization now being proposed by conservative think tanks and those in the current federal administration, Congress, and state legislatures who are strong supporters of replacing public with private services.  on line in pdf.

Take Action for Justice Visit the UCC Take Action Center, where you can read up-to-the-minute alerts on national and state issues and voice your concern about important matters of justice and peace. This is your one-stop advocacy center for contacting federal and state officials, corporate executives, opinion makers, and media outlets. Don't delay -- Take action today!

Overcoming Violence A booklet containing six units, each with a Bible study and questions for reflection, that examines various forms of violence.  Available only on the web at

A Just Peace Church edited by Susan Thistlethwaite  A beginning theological statement on peace explores the new reality of global destructiveness and demands new theological insight and sensitivity. #05877 $13.00

The Peace Book: 108 Simple Ways To Create A More Peaceful World by Louise Diamond. The message of the Peace Book is a simple one.  It calls each one of us to action in our daily lives, to create a culture of peace. #15.00 To order call 800.865.9595 or online at

Peace Book study guide available at

Calendar of Prayer A Calendar of Prayer for the United Church of Christ contains stories from across the United States and from around the world that illustrate the depth and breadth of the mission outreach of the UCC. There are stories that reflect the rich diversity of our denomination.

Child Sponsorship This global children's ministry works in collaboration with our agencies to provide food, basic health care, clothing and in some cases housing, school fees, uniform, books and training and livelihood opportunities to many poor and destitute children in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Europe.

Global Volunteer Service There are many ways for congregations and individuals to be involved with Global Ministries.  On this page you will find various ideas and resources for connecting to our brothers and sisters around the world.

People to People Pilgrimage Program In participating on a mission pilgrimage, a group embarks on a journey of faith and solidarity with our international ecumenical partners. For this reason, such group travel experiences are called "People-to-People Pilgrimages."

What Is Islam? A basic introduction prepared by the Middle East and Europe Office of Common Global Ministries.  With widespread attention on the Middle East and the suspicion that Osama bin Laden is responsible for the recent terrorist attacks against the United States, it is helpful to have in mind some basic facts about Islam.

Affirming Persons, Savings Lives Life Saving AIDS Education Affirming Persons—Saving Lives responds to the real concerns of real people facing the dangers of HIV transmission and AIDS In age-appropriate, non-judgmental language. Designed for multi-cultural Christian education settings, this ground-breaking resource also can be adapted for use by health and human service institutions, schools, health department and community based organizations.