The Door - the word is out!

The Door - the word is out!

  (Invitation / Hospitality)






  • Create or update your website:
    - Have you linked to or
    - Do you have a Stillspeaking graphic on your site?
    - Play the "Steeples" Ad from your site.
    - Make certain that your congregation's information is correct on "Find A Church"
  • Listen to the recording on your congregation's answering machine:
    - Does your message say: “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here”?
    - Are your fall hours of worship on the message?
    - Does your message include directions to your church?
    - Is your pastor’s name on the answering machine's message?
  • Is there a Stillspeaking Ad in your local paper or on your local radio station?
  • Have you placed a Classic_welcome  sign in your greeting area?
  • Do you have a special "God is Spoken Here" sign for your children's area?
  • Are you providing a welcome gift for your guests and practicing hospitality:
    - Welcome bags (possible items include):
       + Stillspeaking mug, pen, comma or fortune cookie
       + What’s up with the Comma? Card
       + God is Stillspeaking, What Does that Mean brochure
       + What Matters brochure
       + Your church's brochure
       + Your church's newsletter
       + A church map with classrooms and restrooms marked
    - Children and Youth Welcome bags (possible items include):
       + Crayons, pencil, stickers
       + Activity sheets
       + Stillspeaking back to school book marks
       + God's Gifts, My Gifts
       + Brochure on your children and youth programs
    - Guest sign in (with emails)
    - Name tags
    - VIP packets (Visitor Information Packets)
       + Is your church “green”?
       + Is your church “Open and Affirming”?
       + Is your church “Accessible to All” ADA compliant?
       + Is your church “Just Peace”?
       + Is your church "Multiracial/Multicultural" ?
       + What are your church's “mission” projects?
       + What are your church's “fellowship” projects?
       + What are your service opportunities to your community and the world?
  • Prepare for rain, arrange to meet guests with umbrellas and walk them from your parking area to the entrance door.
  • Send e-cards
  • Send UCC e-cards
  • Offer opportunities for people to contribute to help the UCC have ads available now and in the future.

  • In the time for children during worship, do the hands motions for Here is the church . . . Talk with children about who they consider "all the people."

  • Prepare yourselves to be "Stillspeaking People"
    - Order Are You Ready to Talk About Your Church?

And, have some fun!

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