The Church - they are here!

The Church - they are here!

      (Your Building)







  • Label your entrance area - Keep the Stillspeaking brand visible.
  • Spruce up your greeting area:
    - Keep it inviting
    - Keep it welcoming
    - Keep it free of clutter
    - Keep up your Stillspeaking sign
  • Do you have guest area parking areas and signs?
  • Create space for an Information / Welcome Center inclusive of children.
    - Yes, get on your knees and what do you see?  Are signs and balloons at eye level for a child?  Posters and pictures need to welcome the whole family when they enter.
  • Do you have a Stillspeaking banner on the outside of your building?
  • Do you need to order a Stillspeaking banner?

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Contact Info

Kathryn Matthews
Dean of the Amistad Chapel
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115