Stirring a 'Gumbo' Theology, Reverend Otis Moss III speaks on Church Vitality and Discipleship in a Hip Hop World

Stirring a 'Gumbo' Theology, Reverend Otis Moss III speaks on Church Vitality and Discipleship in a Hip Hop World

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On a recent visit to the Church House in Cleveland the Reverend Otis Moss III, senior pastor of Trinity UCC in Chicago, offered his thoughts on many aspects of vitality and discipleship in congregations and the world. In these video clips he speaks on growing vital congregations, reaching new generations, connecting hip hop and faith, nurturing leadership, planting new churches, inspiring generosity, supporting Our Churches' Wider Mission and facing tough times.

1. Why is Trinity UCC such a vital church?

2. Where is God’s Spirit at work today?

3. How to reach new generations?

4. What does vitality look like in an African American congregation?

5. How do justice and evangelism connect?

6. What gifts do African American congregations bring to the UCC?

7. How to talk about Jesus with a new generation?

8. How does Hip Hop connect to faith?

9. How can we develop leadership in congregation?

10. What would he say to those considering ministry?

11. How does he spiritually replenishes himself?

12. Why do vital congregations start new congregations?

13. How to plant new churches?

14. What makes a church generous?

15. Why does Trinity UCC generously support Our Church's Wider Mission?

16. How to talk about stewardship during tough times?

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