Marcus Borg on scripture and congregational vitality

Marcus Borg on scripture and congregational vitality

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Noted theologian Marcus Borg is Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University and author of "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time." During a visit to the UCC's national offices in Cleveland, he sat down with staff to talk about various aspects of Christianity and the UCC in today's society.

Reclaiming the Bible
Dr. Borg believes that "reclaiming the Bible as a vital resource in the life of congregations and in the life of Christian individuals is one of the most important tasks for mainline congregations today." In this interview, he explains why.

God is still speaking,
"To take God seriously means that, of course, God continues to interact with God's universe in the same way now that God did in the past." Listen as Dr. Borg talks about what "God is still speaking," means to him.

Soaked in scripture and congregational vitality
In this interview, Dr. Borg explains what he means when he says, "I think it's really important that congregations become 'soaked' in scripture."

Words of encouragement for congregations
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." So wrote Charles Dickens. Dr. Borg describes mainline denominations in similar fashion during this revealing interview.

Strengths of the UCC
From its roots in the Reformed tradition to its union with the Enlightenment, the UCC has many strengths. Dr. Borg outlines them in this interview.

Inspiring generosity through scripture
Dr. Borg uses scripture to encourage us to develop an ethic of compassion and generosity.

Monetary responsibility to God's work
"For some people 10 percent is impossible. For others, 10 percent is far, far too little," Dr. Borg explains in this insightful discussion.

Bible study as a tool for interpreting current issues
Prof. Borg descsribes how a multi-Sunday Bible study was used in one congregation to examine the issues around marriage equality. 

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