I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church!

I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church!

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I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church! by the Reverend Paul Nixon, pastor of Epicenter Church of Greater Washington, DC.

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"Every church in the 21st century needs to think of itself as a 'new church start.' Nixon helps any pastor ask: Why would someone wake up on a Sunday morning and say 'I think I'll go to church today' Timely and transformative."
- The Rev. Nancy Nelson Elsenheimer, senior co-pastor, Church of the Beatitudes, United Church of Christ, Phoenix, AZ

God invites every congregation to thrive. Paul Nixon believes the future of mainline Protestantism is in the hands of pastors and lay leaders who must immediately make some critical choices, radically reframing the way they approach their ministry tasks: Choosing Life over Death, Community over Isolation, Fun over Drudgery, Bold over Mild, Frontier over Fortress, and Now rather than Later.

The Rev. Paul Nixon is an ordained United Methodist minister who, until 2007, was director of congregational development in the Alabama—West Florida Conference. He is the founding pastor of Epicenter Church in Greater Washington, DC. 

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