Online Demographic Tools

Online Demographic Tools

The Research Office of the United Church of Christ has made possible a free online website of demographic reports for congregations of the United Church of Christ.  This website provides very helpful graphic reports for each congregation's neighborhood detailing: Population and Growth, Family Structure, Age Groups, Housing Types, Education Levels, Economic Indicators, and Culture/Ethnicity. Here are instructions on how to use the free UCC demographic website.

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  Enter search information at top right of screen. Use either city and state, or zip code.
  Zoom in on map to identify church names.
  Click on the map at the location you want it centered to.
  When ready to view report, click "View neighborhood statistics."
  Seven Summary Overview Reports will appear.
   •  Population and Growth
   •  Family Structure
   •  Age Groups
   •  Housing Types
   •  Education Levels
   •  Economic Indicators
   •  Culture/Ethnicity
  Each Summary Report has a detailed report. Click on the link below the chart for the detailed report.
  If printing the report, go into print setup to print as landscape.

Here is an article about understanding and using demographics from the e.word resource disc called Demographics – What's the Fuss All About?   By Jim Behrendt

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