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A Vital Church is a Global Mission Church

Being a Global Mission Church challenges church members to stretch toward a new level of interest in, and commitment to, God's world. A vital church is a church that is engaged with God's world and with the work of making it better- a Global Mission Church.

The Signs of a Global Mission Church:

A Global Mission Church:

Prays for Global Mission partners and missionaries, as well as for the World.

Being a global mission church can transform the prayer life of your congregation. There are many ways to begin to pray for Global Mission partners and missionaries. You can distribute the Global Ministries mission story at your church and lift up global communities in worship. It can revitalize your worship services in other ways, as well. Try incorporating international traditions and other languages in your services every so often.

Educates all members about global issues

Being a global mission church enriches the lives of church members and expands their horizons. Organize a global mission class which might use the Connecting Threads videos, or an event with a speaker. Emphasize global mission in Sunday School one day a year. In this way the church can raise awareness among its members and open their minds.

Seeks Justice for the "least of these" in the international community

Seeking justice is an important part of being a global mission church that can do a lot to energize church members. Organize an Advocacy Committee, send people to Ecumenical Advocacy Days each year, and get involved in specific justice issues that interest the congregation.

Receives the gifts of the global church

This is another way of educating members about the work of global mission, and can mean hosting Ministries and Mission Interpreters to speak in your congregation, hosting missionary visits, and developing relationships with missionaries and global partners.

Gives to the work of Global Mission

This means giving to Our Church's Wider Mission and One Great Hour of Sharing. This can mean sponsoring a child through the child sponsorship program, and encouraging donations to Wider Church Ministries and Global Ministries.

Sends members into the world to share the good news

One part of being a global mission church that can change the way church members travel and look at the world is to encourage them to visit global missionaries and partners when they travel overseas. Other wonderful opportunities include sending a group on a People to People Pilgrimage or even encouraging members to become a volunteer missionary and do work with our global partners.

Grows in sharing the stories of God's mission.

This can mean designating a member of your congregation to participate in a Ministries and Mission Interpretation training, organizing a joint global mission event with another church to learn about mission together, and participating in global mission at the conference level. This also means sharing the things your congregation is doing with the Global Ministries staff! Your vital congregation can help us with new ideas for participation in the work of global mission.

Global Mission Congregations are encouraged to think of other ways to live out these 7 signs of a global mission church!

Steps to get started as a Global Mission Church

The first step is to gather a team to coordinate the global mission church process. Learn about the history of global ministries and the current work of global ministries. Evaluate your current mission involvement and what you might be able to start doing. Then, create and commit to a plan for mission involvement including continuing what you've been doing and starting new actions in the next 3 years. Set measurable objectives with dates for completion and names of who will carry actions out. After three years, it's time to create another plan!

Please visit the Global Ministries website for more information and resources regarding being a global mission church, and to learn more about what Global Ministries is doing to create a better world for everyone.