Evangelism Resources for Synod 2013

11 Ways To Tell Your Story

1. Know the key elements of effective communication
2. Develop an internal communication strategy
3. Develop an external communication strategy
4. Define your target audience and know what they are passionate about
5. Set measurable, attainable, realistic goals and objectives
6. Develop a workable timeline and stick to it
7. Give time and consideration before selecting the how and where you will communicate your message
8. Keep in mind the communication piece must grab people's attention
9. Be specific about the action you want people to take
10. Use every means of communication that is appropriate for your audience
11. Be prepared for success

11 Specific Tools To Tell Your Story

1. Church web page
2. Social networking sites
3. Newsletter
4. Text messages
5. Telephone
6. Personal invitation
7. Press release
8. Press conference
9. Appeal from the pulpit
10. Outside church sign
11. Establish focus groups

5 Ways To Grow Your Church

1. Prayer

Prayer is key to all church growth.

Invite the entire church to pray for something specific, such as show me what I can do that will advance God's Kingdom.

Pray that God will show you the best way for you to evangelize.

Thank God for the desire to grow and courage to make it happen.

2. Set a growth target for your church

While we might agree that evangelism is not about numbers, you can't reach a goal if you don't set one.

Set a goal to reach a consistent attendance in the next year.

Select a realistic number.

Know who you plan to target and what the potential for growth is within your community.

3. Increase the number personal invitations

Pray that you will recognize the opportunities to invite people to church.

The invitation of a friend or family member is still the most effective form of adding people to your church.

Use social media to let people know about the church and the ministry.

4. Have a spirit of radical hospitality

Your hospitality system  plays a role in shaping a visitors decision to return and get involved.

Greet visitors when they come, visit with them after the service, and most of all, remove the unnecessary barriers that keep visitors from making that second visit.

Offer to pray with the guests before they leave. This often opens the door for God to work and for the guests to notice that God is concerned about them as well.

Do not be overly pushy.  This can push people away.

5. Be on a Mission in the community

Develop mission outreach ministries that service the needs of the community, Become a church that is an agent of transformation in the community?

Consider having a regular community service project.

6 Reasons Evangelism is a contact sport

There really is only one reason that evangelism is a contact sport and that is to evangelize you must interact with someone.  Evangelism is relational.   Christ calls us into action and requires that we spread the good news of the salvation of Jesus Christ.  The real secret to successful evangelism is to do it.

Since I promised you 6 things I will give you 6 ways that you can effectively evangelize and still not feel as if you are hitting someone over the head with the Bible.

1. Show hospitality at all times
2. Have a church web site that is inviting, interactive, informative and updated weekly
3. Put sermons and other exciting activities on YouTube – Only post those things that are really good
4. Tweet your activities
5. Have good communication with the congregation and the community
6. Word of mouth still works.  Invite people to ministry programs and to church services