About the participants

About the participants

About the Winner

Rashad Jackson
Video: Alive. Awake. Aware.
City: Detroit, Michigan
Age: 25

"I am a very dedicated and driven person, always pushing the envelope to the next level. I just simply love what I do, looking through the camera lens in like peeking into another world. I crafted my skills at church serving in the A/V department, I would never be where I am now without my church, Fellowship United Church of Christ."

How would you spend the $5,000 Grand Prize?
"I would use the prize money to invest in more equipment to continue exploring advanced filmmaking."

About the Finalists

Adrian Brambila
Video: Let Them Praise God's Name
City: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Age: 24

"I started dancing as an outlet to get away from negative peer pressures in college and discovered my faith through the process.  When I graduated college 2 years ago I created a clothing company called Dance Saves Lives, which dedicates all its money to teaching dance to places that can't afford it as an outlet for youth to channel negative experiences into positive creativity through the light of Jesus Christ.   When I am not dancing or motivationally speaking I work as a digital marketing strategist at a cool marketing firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa."

How would you spend the $5,000 Grand Prize?
"Since the disaster that recently occurred in the Philippines I have been really motivated to make a 10 day Dance Saves Lives workshop trip to the country visiting orphanages and broken down communities.  We have some good friends in the Philippines, which would guide us and have started to plan the trip.  All the money earned would go to our workshop and tremendously boost our timeline forward for when we would be able to go!"

Neil Ellingson

Video: I Demand a Different Faith
City: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 32

"I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I have a lot of Minnesota pride; I love that it combines a deep sense of the common good (its strong progressive political tradition), individual self-expression and weirdness (think Prince and Bob Dylan), and simple, salt of the earth kindness.

I am passionate about God and Jesus, faith, theology, the Bible, the Church, the Christian tradition, and all that good stuff, but having been raised mostly outside the church as a secular liberal, I often feel like I live my life on the boundary between those worlds.

Exploring that boundary is exactly what I'm trying to do as part of the team that is starting a new church in Chicago, Root and Branch Church, which is bringing together people of diverse religious (and non-religious backgrounds) who are skeptical about organized religion but crave spiritual community.

I am a member-in-discernment at Judson Memorial Church in New York, NY, but I work at First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn, IL."

How would you spend the $5,000 Grand Prize?
I would donate $1,000 of it to the ministry of Pastor T.L. Barrett, whose gorgeous version of the song "Nobody Knows" I used in the video, and who has been serving spiritual and material needs of people on the South Side of Chicago for decades.

The rest would go directly toward the new church I am helping to plant in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, Root and Branch Church (www.rootandbranchchurch.org). We're finding thoughtful, faithful, and heart-full new ways of living that transform us, our communities, and the world.

About the Other Honored Participants

Joshua Norkevicus
Video: And It Will Move
City: Cheswick, Pennsylvania
Age: 19

"I am currently enrolled at Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania as a Communication Major with a background in Electronic Media while working on a double major in Digital Design. I am an Eagle Scout from Boy Scout Troop 625, a volunteer firefighter at Rural Ridge VFD and Waynesburg Fire Company, and I am a God fearing Christian that realizes that I would not have gotten this far in life without His ever growing love and grace. I try my best to work hard for God and to share His passion by being there for my friends and family."

Alex and Harold Sloan-Marrero
Video: Put Your Faith Into Action
City: Miami, Florida
Age: 25 and 26

"Alex and Harold Sloan-Marrero are the Media Directors for Coral Gables United Church of Christ where they are on a mission to spread the church's message of good news to the world using the internet as their medium for communication. They manage the church's website and social media outlets, create videos and photography, and design the church's quarterly newsletter, The Good Tidings. Alex and Harold have been partners for six years and just celebrated their Holy Union at Coral Gables United Church of Christ on January 12, 2013."

Nicholas Moyer
Video: My Faith
City: San Diego, California
Age: 19

"Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, the one whom I have my identity in. I am a growing filmmaker hoping to continue my education at Biola University and major in Film Production. I am also ecstatic and passionate about music whether it's making it or listening to it, because it is a language and tool I also use to communicate my love for God in worship-leading and in the empowerment of film."

Rosemary Woller
Video: Stop
City: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Age: 20

"I love adventure, and I hope to become an adventure photographer/film maker one day. I am a pretty easy going, go-with-the-flow kind of person. I am a Christian, and even though I am still a sinner, I try to be a good witness for Christ."

Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson
Video: Words of Assurance
City: Redding, Connecticut
Age: 27

"Barefoot and bearded. Drumming and strumming. Canoeing and preaching."