Unified Governance Working Group invites feedback through June 30

Unified Governance Working Group invites feedback through June 30

June 13, 2010
Written by Gregg Brekke

The Unified Governance Working Group met recently to review governance dialogue and discernment feedback. The work group engaged dialogue and discernment reports from the Justice and Witness Ministries Board and Executive Council, along with the Pacific Northwest and Central Atlantic Conference Boards, and a Potomac Association session.

Feedback will continue flowing to the working group from settings of the church including annual Conference meetings through the end of June; but also from governance discussions that have taken place already, and are in the process of being transcribed. Some in the group said they would like more local church response; others note the patterns of response coming in are familiar and have been voiced previously in terms of concerns and hopes.
The Rev. Bernard Wilson, the Unified Governance Working Group chair, has invited a final public push for dialogue and discernment sessions. "We are looking for insights from all parts of the United Church of Christ, from local churches to conference boards," he said.

A packet of materials and tips for conducting a facilitated 1-2 hour discussion session, and how-to information on sending feedback to the working group for consideration, is available for download at <ucc.org/governance>. One page discernment and dialogue summaries should be sent to governance@ucc.org.
The Unified Governance Working Group (UGov) was formed by the UCC Executive Council in response to the General Synod Resolution "Toward Unified Governance." Moving forward from its May meeting by phone, UGov will continue to review data received from dialogue and discernment sessions through the end of June 30, 2010. On-site meetings in Cleveland in July and September will discuss issues and insights raised during the dialogue process, and work with unified models and approaches.

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