September - October 2009

McKinney to retire in 2010

The Rev. William McKinney, president of UCC-related Pacific School of Religion (PSR) since 1996, announced that he will step down from his position at the end of the coming academic year, June 30, 2010. PSR is one of the UCC's seven seminaries.

"This has been a hard decision to make, because I love my job and I love Pacific School of Religion," said McKinney. "This feisty little theological school has a special role to play in the renewal and transformation of contemporary Christianity, and I feel very optimistic about PSR's future."

McKinney, 63, informed the PSR board last May of his decision to retire in 2010. He said he wanted to make the news public now, before the beginning of the school year, so that the seminary would have ample time to find a replacement.

An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and a sociologist of religion, McKinney was born in Massachusetts and earned his B.A. degree from Colby College in Maine, his Master of Divinity and Master of Arts degrees from Hartford Seminary in Connecticut, and his Ph.D. degree from Penn State. Prior to his current position, he served as dean of Hartford Seminary for 11 years.

When he became president in 1996, PSR was going through difficult times, both financially and in terms of the relations among the board of trustees, the faculty and the students. In McKinney's first years as its leader, the seminary's financial problems were smoothed out, as were frayed nerves on campus.

McKinney is the author of "American Mainline Religion: Its Changing Shape and Future" (1987), "The Responsibility People" (1994) and "Studying Congregations" (1998). Upon leaving PSR, he hopes to complete writing projects that have been postponed over the past decade.

Pastoral Changes

Aiello, Barbara E. to Cong. UCC, Acton, MA
Alexander, Audrey to St. John UCC, Indianapolis, IN
Alley, William W. to Park St. Cong. UCC, Mazon, IL
Bannerman, Jennifer to Lakeview UCC, Maineville, OH
Boisvert, Elizabeth First UCC, Longmeadow, MA
Bortz, Peter to Salem UCC, Westphalia, IN
Buch, Harry D. to Central Cong. UCC, Burton, OH
Burnard, Eric D. to Immanuel UCC, Neenah, WI
Cofer, Thomas J. to First Cong. UCC, Painesville, OH
Culp, David M. to St. John's UCC, Fostoria, OH
Davis, Jeffrey G. to First Federated UCC/DOC/PCUSA, North Jackson, OH
Dugan, Timothy P. to First Cong. UCC, Ramona, CA
Etheredge, Leslie to Church of the Savior UCC, Knoxville, TN
Fritz, Lucille L. to Huntington Cong. UCC, Shelton, CT
Fuller, Kenneth D. to Cong. UCC, Avon, CT
Hall, D. Houston to St. Paul UCC, Bellevue, OH
Hange, Adam to Plymouth UCC, Shaker Heights, OH
Hawker, Scott to St. Stephens UCC, Merrill, WI
Henderson, Kel to First Cong. UCC, Corona, CA
Hofmeister, Margaret to North Cong. UCC, New Hartford, CT
Horne, Elizabeth to Cong. UCC, Melrose Highlands, MA
Hoyt, Kenneth J. to Cong. UCC, Middlebury, CT
Hughes, Bridget F. to First Cong. UCC, Suffield, CT
Jackson, Cari to First Cong. UCC, Stamford, CT
Jones, Sarah R. to St. Peter's Lischeys UCC, Spring Grove, PA
Labolt, Robin A. to UCC, Sycamore, OH
Lavieri, R. Vincent to UCC, Spencerville, OH
Malone, Michael to First Cong. UCC, Haddam, CT
Marquette, Adam S. to UCC, Bath, OH
Myers, Rhonda D. to United Cong. UCC, Torrington, CT
McCarthy, Barry J. to Greendale Peoples Church, Worcester, MA
McGrath, Pamela W. to N. Community UCC, Marshfield Hills, MA
Ney, Christopher to Central Cong. UCC, Newburyport, MA
Oughton, Doreen C. to First Cong. UCC, Leicester, MA
Petersen, Ellen to Cong. UCC, North Hadley, MA
Peterson, Craig to Community UCC, Woodlands Hills, CA
Reed, Matthew G. to Cong. UCC, Wakeman, OH
Ross, Christopher J. to St. Peter's UCC, Owensville, MO
Schlicher, David to Makawao Union Church, Paia, HI
Sim, Robert to Salem Walmer's Union UCC/ELCA, Annville, PA
Smith, Gerald to Old Zionsville UCC, PA
Smith, Sara D. to United Cong. UCC, Bridgeport, CT
Stabenfeldt, David C. to First Cong. UCC, Bakersfield, CA
Steinroeder, Bonnie to First Cong. UCC, Holliston, MA
Strang, Rebecca E. to St. Paul UCC, New Bremen, OH
Trimmer, Ronald to New Church Start, Georgetown, TX
Whitcher, Craig to First Church in Christ, Old Saybrook, CT
Williams, Michael to First Cong. UCC, Anamosa, IA
Winkel, Karen to Hillcrest UCC, Montrose, CO
Winters, Mark to First Cong. UCC, Naperville, IL
Yonkman, Nicole to Beneficent UCC, Providence, RI
Yonkman, Todd to Beneficent UCC, Providence, RI

Pastoral changes are provided by the UCC's Parish Life and Leadership Ministry.

Clergy Deaths

Alexander, Lucy M., 55, 4/29/2009
Ames, John W., 78, 7/14/2009
Benn, James B., 60, 5/13/2009
Clausing, Walter G., 102, 7/11/2009
Csia, Kalman, 98, 6/5/2009
Driftmier, Frederick F., 92, 3/21/2009
Eaton, Ellis F., 92, 4/28/2009
Fabian, Eli R., 96, 7/24/2009
Garcia, Rafael, 87, 6/14/2009
Guerdat, Thomas E., 89, 5/12/2009
Gwinn, William D., 79, 4/17/2009
Hansen, Wilfred C., 80, 4/25/2009
Hay, Calvin, 82, 7/21/2009
Henry, George W., 82, 6/16/2009
Howell, Roy B., 82, 6/21/2009
Keehn, Thomas B., 93, 6/16/2009
Kim, Joseph M., 80, 6/6/2009
Knapp, George W., 93, 6/28/2009
Knipmeyer, Arlie C., 87, 6/26/2009
Kruchkow, Thomas A., 71, 6/17/2009
Lundberg, Stanley D., 88, 7/19/2009
Mann, Richard J., 78, 5/24/2009
Maugans, David E., 91, 6/6/2009
Melhorn, James M., 49, 5/21/2009
Michalewicz, Paul M., 62, 4/26/2009
Murray, Jeanne L., 61, 7/21/2009
Oleson, Margaret H., 60, 6/14/2009
Peterson, Dewey A., 78, 6/18/2009
Pfeiffer, Joyce H., 63, 6/1/2009
Rangoon, Richard R., 77, 7/24/2009
Roberts, Linda H., 68, 7/21/2009
Rohrbaugh, Allan L., 76, 6/29/2009
Schroeder, Richard C., 90, 4/1/2009
Skelton, Christine, 89, 7/4/2009
Smith, Jackson M., 74, 5/2/2009
Soper, Willard M., 67, 6/10/2009
Stoudt, Nancy, 96, 4/17/2009
Vandlen, Arlo D., 88, 6/7/2009
Wadsworth, James L., 74, 6/4/2009
Welsh, John R., 75, 6/21/2009
Whitaker, William O., 83, 6/23/2009
Whitcomb, Thomas A., 86, 7/13/2009
Wikstrom, Gunnar, 73, 5/24/2009
Wolfe, William R., 86, 4/26/2009
Wright, Alfred D., 71, 6/10/2009

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.