September - October 2009

"The prophetic ministry of communication must be cautious and reserved. Our witness must be honest. It may neither defend our prestige nor manipulate people into our position. It cannot be objective, because we are biased. But it can be honest because it is based on facts: the facts of the scandal of the cross and the glory of the resurrection."

The Rev. Everett Parker
1963 theological statement on the UCC Office of Communication

"[We] must help the church go beyond 'resolutionary Christianity' to 'revolutionary Christianity.'"

David Ostendorf, executive director of the Center for New Community, encouraging participants at the "Angels in Our Midst: A UCC Consultation on Immigration" pre-General Synod 27 event, June 25, 2009, to be advocates for changes to immigration policies.

"In significant ways, those early 19th-century 'Christians' have a lot to teach the United Church of Christ today. Like many people today, they were impatient with organized religion but were committed to a strong faith; they were turned off by sectarian debates but interested in strong Christian character."

Historian Barbara Brown Zikmund speaking to attendees of the "Christian preservation project" at General Synod 27, recalling the important contributions made by the "Christian" strain of the UCC's theological heritage.