August - September 2005
September 1, 2005

"It was a revival — and out-and-out Pentecostal revivial — with a blue-state room full of white people, black people, Asian people; gay people and straight people; able-bodied people and people in wheelchairs. I thought to myself: 'They aren't supposed to be doing this!' But they were. The people who are supposed to be the deadest of all liberal establishment types were basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit with the passion of early 20th- century Pentecostals."

Diana Butler Bass, an Episcopalian, writing about the annual meeting of the UCC's Massachusetts Conference in The Christian Century (July 12). She directs a Lilly-funded research project on mainline Protestantism at Virginia Theological Seminary.

"It's a denomination that I chose in part because of its willingness to wrestle with the tough issues of religion and society, respecting and even encouraging disagreement from individuals and congregations without giving ground on its willingness to speak out on those issues."

Managing Editor Phil Haslanger of The Capital Times (Madison, Wis.), from his July 7 column about actions taken by General Synod 25.

"I ask: What Christians might these be?"

Cleveland Columnist Connie Schultz, a 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner, writing on July 14 in response to an online headline she found, "Christians prefer to burn churches than to let gays marry."

"The milestone is even more remarkable considering the ancestry of those who achieved it."

A July 10 column in The Chicago Tribune by staff writer Ron Grossman on the historical significance of the UCC and its General Synod's decision to endorse same-gender marriage equality. 


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