October - November 2006
November 1, 2006

"Jews and Christians remain, even in moments of deepest tension, inextricably linked to one another by the God whose covenants with each community have not been and cannot be broken."

The Rev. John H. Thomas, UCC general minister and president, in a major address of Christian-Jewish relations, given at the Fall Convocation of UCC-related United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, Sept. 19.

"Certain religious groups have aggressively sought to define their agenda in the public's mind, through publicity and lobbying, as the 'Christian agenda.' On the contrary, there is a growing movement of Christian clergy who reject this agenda, for whom bigotry and exclusion have no place in the church."

The Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, a UCC minister living in Minneapolis, speaking at a news conference in Dallas, on Sept. 11, 2006, about ways in which the 9/11 tragedy was hijacked by some religious leaders to scapegoat minority groups. (Associated Press)

"We try very hard to convey to churches that this is not something to be undertaken because the church wants to be nice."

The Rev. Ann B. Day, on why it's important that the UCC's Open and Affirming Churches know and understand the welcoming stance they're taking. At General Synod 2007, Day plans to step down as ONA program coordinator after 20 years. During her tenure, she's helped lead more than 600 churches through the ONA study process. (Boston Globe, Aug. 26)  


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