October - November 2008

Church House welcomes 'LinK' clergy

Each year, two Leaders in Koinonia (LinK) events bring to the Church House in Cleveland approximately 80 pastors and lay leaders from UCC congregations across the country.

Invitees are nominated by their Conference Ministers with the goal of strengthening relationships between the ministries of local churches, clergy and lay leaders and the national settings of the UCC.

A Sept. 11-14 LinK gathering welcomed 35 pastors who have come from traditions other than the UCC (Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Orthodox, Charismatic, Episcopal, etc.) and specifically reside in the UCC Southern and Western Regions. Clergy with similar backgrounds from each of the other geographic regions will be invited to future LinK events.

LinK events are coordinated by Local Church Ministries in cooperation with the other UCC covenanted ministries. Previous gatherings have hosted guests from each of the UCC geographic regions; UCC Professional Chaplains and Counselors; UCC Military Chaplains; clergy under the age of 40, campus clergy; UCC Science and Technology Network members; and African American, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander and Asian American pastors and lay leaders.

Conference Relations

The Rev. Susan Towner-Larsen joined the national UCC staff as minister for conference relations effective Sept. 16. Towner-Larsen previously served congregations in Grinnell, Iowa and Seattle, Wash. From 1987 to 2004 she served on the Ohio Conference staff as minister for church and education.

Pastoral Changes

Aaberg, Ann M. to Cong. UCC, Mystic, CT
Allan, Mark D. to Christ Church, Pawling, NY
Aydt, Nadine R. to United Cong. Methodist, Lewis, IA
Bagley-Bonner, Judith to Bainbridge Comm., Chagrin Falls, OH
Barrett, Loletta to Cong. UCC, Bloomington, CA
Bentz, Thomas O. to interim, First Cong UCC., Ramona, CA
Bracy, Terri P. to St. Paul’s UCC, Warren, MI 
Bujnak, Lynn L. to VT Conf., Randolph, VT
Comfort, William D. to Community UCC, Custer, SD
Coons, Martha to interim, Cong. UCC, Brookfield, WI
Cutri, Tamara to South Cong. UCC, New Britain, CT
Davis, Michele to United Christian UCC, Levittown, PA
Dawkins-Smith, Monica to Salem/Journeys UCC, Harrisburg, PA
Douglas, Kathryn J. to interim, St. Luke’s UCC, S. Milwaukee, WI
Dugan, Timothy P. to chaplain, Lewisburg, PA
Eastman, Brian C. to Beaver UCC, Beavercreek, OH
Edwards, Jonathan to Bethel Cong. UCC, Ontario, CA
Frederick-Gray, Brian to interim, Encanto Community UCC, Phoenix, AZ
Giese, Nancy L. to First UCC, Hardin, MT
Gobledale, Ana K. to interim, UCC, Kirkland, WA
Gobledale, Tod to interim, UCC, Kirkland, WA
Harley, Julie R. to First United UCC, Oak Park, IL
Harvey, Darrin to Greenview UCC, Sydney, OH
Henninger, John M. to Columbia UCC, Barberton, OH
Houdashelt, Paul E. to Grace UCC, Stone Creek, OH
Hughes, Teresa A. to St. Jacob’s UCC, York New Salem, PA
Jachowski, Raymond to St. Matthew’s UCC, Maiden, NC
Kampf, Tobias to Trinity UCC, Lewistown, PA
Kerr, Cheryl L. to Allin Cong. UCC, Dedham, MA
Knoth, Russell J. to retirement
Krejci, Mary K. to First Cong. UCC, Twinsburg, OH
Kuhn, Kathryn O. to interim, Saron UCC, Sheboygan Falls, WI
Larssen, Elena to associate conference minister, Minneapolis, MN
Littrell, Sharon S. to Soul Link UCC, Mansfield, PA
Lundberg, Deette to First Cong. UCC, Casper, WY
McGrath, Robert J. to South Cong. UCC, Waterbury, CT
Murphy, Kimberly J. to Second UCC, Westfield, MA
Newcomb, Brian Q. to David’s UCC, Kettering, OH
Olson, James J. to Center Cong. UCC, Meriden, CT
Rodkey, Christopher to Zion Goshert’s UCC, Lebanon, PA 
Roy, Deborah to Cong. UCC, N. Branford, CT
Schenk, Barbara to Foster Memorial UCC, Springfield, MA
Schlieter, David L. to New Horizon UCC, Farmington, WI
Seeds, Matthew to Zion UCC, York, PA
Stenzel, Richard to retirement
Tamilio, John to Pilgrim Cong. UCC, Cleveland, OH
Tucker, Sherry to Cong. UCC, Granby, MA
Wagner, Richard K. to associate conference minister, Minneapolis, MN
Wallace, Carl P. to Trinity UCC, Akron, OH
Werts, Michael to Nashville UCC, W. Milton, OH
Willis, Mary S. to Lordship Community UCC, Stratford, CT

Pastoral changes are provided by the UCC's Parish Life and Leadership Ministry.

Clergy Deaths

Arnold, Richard E., 71, 8/3/2008
Bertalan, Imre, 90, 7/10/2008
Bush, Nancy W., 84, 7/3/2008
Clow, Daniel R., 58, 7/29/2008
Fick, Arlan L., 68, 7/11/2008
Fix, Charles J., 100, 7/15/2008
Gardella, Donald L., 72, 8/1/2008
Hinds, Richard G., 87, 8/21/2008
Hunter, Thomas M., 61, 6/20/2008
Kauffman, Alvin D., 80, 7/17/2008
Kauffman, Robert W., 76, 8/9/2008
Keen, Richard J., 96, 6/19/2008 Lincoln, Edwin R., 77, 7/26/2008
MacCreary, Robert C., 59, 7/21/2008
Miller, Dean R., 83, 7/13/2008
Richards, Edward S., 87, 7/31/2008
Sietsema, Helen, 95, 8/16/2008
Smith, Walter F., 82, 7/11/2008
Squire, Richard T., 74, 8/27/2008
Thomas, Eugene L., 76, 8/22/2008
Turnbach, Roland C., 80, 6/25/2008
Wallick, Charles C., 91, 6/6/2008
Wilsen, Oscar, 82, 7/22/2008

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.