October - November 2008

"If there are churches of any stripe that are breaking this tax code, the IRS should investigate. And that should include UCC churches."

The Rev. Eric Williams, pastor of North Congregational UCC in Columbus, Ohio, speaking at a Sept. 9 press conference in opposition to the Alliance Defense Fund's plan to defy IRS guidelines and represent pastors encouraged by the ADF to explicitly endorse political candidates.

"Jesus said nothing about abortion, homosexuality or pension plans (although he did say not to worry about tomorrow). He had plenty to say about money and moneychangers, greed and wealth, and the root of all evil. He had good news for the poor, not for investors."

David Walters in a Sept. 22 "On Faith" posting at <washingtonpost.com>, titled "Church Silenced on the Economy."

"We try to help our members be more green in their day-to-day living. The idea is that we, together, can certainly make a difference."

The Rev. Jeff Gallagher of First Congregational UCC in Kittery Point, Maine, on their "Green Team" efforts encouraging parishioners to walk, bike, run or carpool to weekend services.

"I consider myself a Christian, and as a consequence I don't consider myself to be at war with anyone...I do not identify in any degree with the kind of loud, mass-market certitude that is thought of as religion in some quarters now."

UCC member and novelist Marilynne Robinson answering Newsweek's question regarding portrayals of spirituality in her new novel, "Home," the follow-up to her 2004 Pulitzer Prize winning work, "Gilead."