From Stillspeaking: We praise God for you, 'All the People'
Written by Felix Carrion, Stillspeaking Coordinator
October - November 2008

An essential part of raising money is offering genuine thanks for the many gifts and pledges that are received.

So, on behalf of the Stillspeaking Ministry of the UCC, I say thank you to the individuals, local churches, Conferences and UCC ministries for raising $235,000 with us in two months time for the Steeples national ad run. You have made it possible for more than 10 million people around the country to hear the proclamation of Jesus' welcome in the style and brand of the UCC. Yes, friends, this is more than marketing — it is preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and opening wide the doors of the United Church of Christ.

As we make our way forward, let each of us explore becoming a Stillspeaking person of extravagant welcome, radical hospitality and abundant generosity. It really comes down to you and me "showing off" the Stillspeaking God.

We praise God for you, All the People.