October - November 2008
 Faith or politics?
Congregations seek ways to stay involved. Rich Bogart graphic.  [Story]
 Never too young
Great-grandmother awaits first call to ordained ministry.  [story]
 Brown-bag politics
Healthy debate encouraged at North Dakota church.  [story]
 Ordinary radicals
Film documents 'Jesus for President' book tour.  [story]

 Don't talk about faith and politics
 UCC clergy call for IRS investigation of Alliance Defense Fund
 North Dakota church engages non-partisan dialog

 In The News
 Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music expansion includes historic UCC church
 ChangeTheStory.net offers online interfaith dialog
 Global Ministries' documentary to air on NBC
 Key to easing global food crisis is aiding the poor, says UCC minister
 Eighty year-old seminary grad readies herself for ordination
 Governance team makes recommendation to UCC boards
 200 years and counting: the legacy of the Herald of Gospel Liberty lives on
 Preaching in N.J., Jeremiah Wright shows no hard feelings toward Obama
 UCC's Parker lecturer insists media's 'race filter still exists'
 Controversy continues to surround 'Serenity Prayer' authorship
 UCC student joins Soulforce's 'Equality Ride,' promotes tolerance
 Hawaiian church promotes sustainability, reaps what it sows
 United Church News seeks arts submissions
 Contributions pour in, 'Steeples' ad to run nationally through Oct. 12
 High fuel costs thwart Hawaii location for 2011 General Synod

 Opinion Matters
 Offering blessings to animals — even the slithering ones
 From Stillspeaking: We praise God for you, 'All the People'
 From the Collegium: Youth and young adults literally change the world...and the church!
 In the margins: We follow roadmaps of well-intentioned scribbles
 Letters to the Editor
 By the numbers: 6 and 7

 Film Review: 'The Ordinary Radicals' challenges religious priorities 
 Pastor, artist sculpts his retirement with purpose and pleasure

 Across the UCC
 As financial markets plunge, churches rise to the occasion