Cycle of Prayer for the UCC and the world planned for June 15-July 15
May 2000

During the month-long period from June 15 to July 15, the whole United Church of Christ is invited to join in an intentional Cycle of Prayer together for the world, for the church and for our congregations.
      This suggestion emerged at the meeting of the boards of the new Covenanted Ministries, held last February. Board members noted that this period will be a time of particular transition for the UCC's national settings, as the new national structure is launched on July 1.
      The group pressed the importance of prayer in times of transition. In urging the whole UCC community to join together in prayer, it cited the millennium challenges in our world and in our church along with the changes in our national structure.
      Responding to the suggestion, the Collegium-Elect is making plans for the 30-day Cycle of Prayer. Local churches, conferences and associations will be encouraged to participate. Further plans will appear on the UCC website in mid-May and in the June issue of United Church News.