February - March 2007
March 1, 2007

"The growing violence in Iraq, the enormous suffering being experienced by the citizens of Iraq and the anguish of countless American families who have lost beloved sons and daughters to death and horrific injury calls for profound lament and repentance, not for stubborn commitment to the unilateralism and militarism that has been the hallmark of our failed policy in Iraq."

The Rev. John H. Thomas, in a statement following President Bush's national address calling for more U.S. troops in Iraq. (Jan. 17)

"Because this is an unjust war, the church must urge political leaders of our country to disengage from this war with the least possible harm."

From a joint statement signed by 43 UCC pastors from southwestern Wisconsin in The Capital Times. (Jan. 18)

"Most churches are homogenous and they're comfortable with that. We felt God was calling us to do a new thing."

The Rev. Angela Ying, senior pastor at Bethany UCC in Seattle, in the Seattle Times story, "A few churches cross the racial divide." (Jan. 15)

"We ask that the emotion that we most feel is that we be reinvigorated in your spirit."

A prayer offered by the Rev. Doug Patterson, pastor of Smithfield UCC in Pittsburgh, in a worship service after a fire caused significant damage to the historic church. (Post-Gazette, Jan. 10) 


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