June - July 2008

Seminary Appointments

The Rev. Kent J. Ulery will assume the presidency of Bangor Theological Seminary on July 1. He will succeed the Rev. William C. Imes, who is retiring after serving as president since 2001. Ulery, the UCC's Michigan Conference Minister for the past 12 years, has also served local churches in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

The Rev. Alice Hunt, associated dean at Vanderbilt University Divinity School, has been named president of Chicago Theological Seminary, effective this fall. Hunt holds a Ph.D. in religion, with an emphasis on the Hebrew Bible and early Judaisms, from Vanderbilt University. Her published work includes "Missing Priests: The Zadokites in Tradition and History" (2006) and essays in works such as "Approaching Yehud: New Approaches to the Study of the Persian Period" (2007), "Israel's Prophets and Israel's Past" (2006) and "Methods of Biblical Interpretation" (2004).

Pastoral Changes

Arbisi, Mark L. Waubasha, MN to Union Cong. UCC, Waupun, WI
Bean, Tood W. to Peace Memorial UCC, Palos Park, IL
Dodds, Patricia A. Ephrata, PA to St. Luke's UCC, Lock Haven, PA
Estepp, Larry M. Collegeville, PA to St. Paul's (Dubs) UCC, Hanover, PA
Eyer, Paul K. to St. Luke's UCC, Lancaster, PA
Forwalter, Craig A. to Immanuel's UCC, Papineau, IL
Fredriksen, Dennis R. St. Marys, OH to interim, St. Stephen UCC, Sandusky, OH
Haines, Stephanie L. to interim, UCC, Spencerville, OH
Johnson, Dennis G. Stockton, CA to St. John's UCC, Tillamook, OR
Johnson, Shana G. to Peace Memorial UCC, Palos Park, IL
Lingelbach, Jacquelyn M. to UCC, Quentin, PA
McCaffrey, Leigh G. Norwalk, CT to Church by the Sea UCC, Bal Harbour, FL
Moyer, Jamie L. to St. Peter's, Allentown, PA
Pattee, David E. South Bend, IN to UCC, Kent, OH
Patton, Sharon D. Smith Center, KS to UCC, Gaylord, KS
Rock, Donald A. to interim, St. John's UCC, Bluffton, OH
Shiels, Joan Sturgeon Bay, WI to retired
Souder, Lori J. Phoenix, AZ to First Cong. UCC, South Hadley, MA
Tokoph, Brian to St. Paul's UCC, Oshkosh, WI
Zorn Micke, Nancy K. Ely Memorial UCC and Cong. UCC, Land O'Lakes and Phelps, WI

Pastoral changes are provided by the UCC's Parish Life and Leadership Ministry.

Clergy Deaths

Alderfer, Merle C., 60, 3/19/2008
Asamoa, Douglas O., 66, 2/26/2008
Barz, Raymond, 95, 3/27/2008
Botley, Robert D., 84, 3/28/2008
Britton, Thomas H., 85, 2/9/2008
Chong, Frank A., 63, 3/9/2008
Cobb, Gerald R., 89, 3/16/2008
Councill, Herbert G., 93, 3/11/2008
Dandar, Alex E., 89, 3/28/2008
Evans, Ernest W., 60, 3/24/2008
Forsberg, Nancy E., 85, 4/4/2008
Getz, Suzanne C., 61, 12/29/2007
Gibbons, Ray, 105, 3/18/2008
Guthmiller, Albert M., 78, 3/30/2008
Haldeman, Eilus F., 89, 3/12/2008
Jones, John H., 85, 11/5/2008
Laurie, William K., 83, 4/17/2008
Link, Charles G., 97, 3/19/2008
Lund, Richard W., 85, 4/20/2008
MacLauchlin, James D., 67, 3/1/2008
McAlister, Eugene B., 96, 2/15/2008
Meyer, Norman E., 74, 4/1/2008
Michaelsen, Einar P., 93, 2/10/2008
Milne, George M., 92, 4/8/2008
Parry, Maldwyn V., 95, 3/10/2008
Potter, Lyman G., 85, 2/11/2008
Rayson, Delwyn R., 89, 4/22/2008
Read, John S., 89, 1/31/2008
Schumacher, Verle C., 83, 4/8/2008
Shively, Vencil L., 69, 3/30/2008
Smith, Duane W., 76, 4/23/2008
Smith, Edward Walter, 93, 4/19/2008
Snodgrass, Stuart C., 97, 4/7/2008
Strickler, Gayle V., 95, 3/6/2008
Tate, Gordon P., 89, 3/17/2008
Tornallyay, Martin, 76, 2/17/2008
Wagner, E. Reginald, 71, 4/3/2008

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards. 


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