June-July 2005


"One of the most extravagant welcomes I've experienced was extended by members of the Urbandale (Iowa) United Church of Christ."

Shirley Ragsdale, religion editor at the Des Moines Register, in her May 7 column about friendly churches.

"I'm tired of seeing my people getting locked up. Prison is modern-day slavery."

The Rev. D.L. McCoy, pastor of the Pleasant Hill UCC in Raleigh, N.C., saying churches need to be more engaged in confronting the ever-growing prison industry (News & Observer, May 1).

"There is no conflict between evolution and the Christian faith."

The Rev. Peter Luckey, senior pastor of Plymouth Congregational UCC in Lawrence, Kan., speaking at a forum hosted by the church on April 21 that included religious leaders, scientists, teachers and politicians who favor the teaching of evolution. With conservatives now controlling the state's Board of Education, officials are again considering the possibility of teaching "intelligent design" or creationism in Kansas' science classrooms. (Lawrence Journal-World)

"It's so painful for us as a congregation because it seems so unnecessary."

Dianne Davis, moderator of the Church of Christ at Yale (UCC), in reference to a decision by Yale University to sever the college-run church's ties with the UCC. A group from the church has already left to form a new congregation, Shalom UCC. (AP)

"The fact that the decision was made without meaningful dialogue with regional or national UCC leaders fails to honor our historic relationships in a meaningful or respectful way."

The Rev. John H. Thomas, the UCC's general minister and president and a graduate of Yale Divinity School, criticizing Yale's decision to sever its ties. Yale College was founded in 1701 by UCC forbears as a school for the training of Christian ministers.


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