Soapbox: Share your most memorable General Synod moment
June - July 2007
July 1, 2007

At General Synod 26 in Hartford, Conn., United Church News will publish five daily news digests. As space allows, we'd like to tell others about your favorite General Synod memories over the past 50 years.

Was there a particular moment that touched you? A particular vote that encouraged you? A particular person or preacher who inspired you?

Remember, if you're brief and concise (no more than 75 words), you're much more likely to find yourself in print. If you're too wordy, our editors will tire of your autobiography and move on to the next submission.

At this point, only emailed responses are being received at Send before Thursday, June 21, and be sure to put "Soapbox" in the subject line. Also, don't forget to give us your name, the name of your local church, and your city and state.

"Soapbox" is a periodic compilation of reader responses to specific topics or questions. As always, United Church News reserves the right to edit your submissions for brevity and clarity.
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