Letters to the Editor
June - July 2007
July 1, 2007

'Faithful, Christian service'

How thankful we are for the faithful, dynamic ministry of the Rev. José A. Malayang [executive minister of UCC's Local Church Ministries], whose testimony to his calling as an ordained Christian minister appeared in the February-March issue of United Church News. Then, in the April-May issue, appeared the announcement that Joe would retire the end of this year. He will certainly be missed!

In the 1970s it was my privilege to be among the members of Michigan Conference who welcomed Joe to serve as minister of a rural parish north of Detroit. I was then serving as the Conference's East Area Minister. It was always a great joy for my wife, Jane, and me to visit Joe's church and later have dinner with his gracious family.

We wish to commend Joe and his wife, Bennie, for many years of faithful, Christian service in local churches and the wider ministries of our United Church of Christ. Thanks be to God!

The Rev. William Daniels
Lancaster, Pa.

Engage the Bible

Thank you for publishing the biblical reflections by the Rev. Thomas I. Warren [spirituality page]. His insights are helpful,?relevant, and badly needed.

I feel strongly that the UCC - can and must - lead a renewal of Bible study in mainline Protestant churches. As we continue to watch right wing interpreters dominate the conversation about religion in public life — offering either an exclusively personal salvation theology or a destructive rapture theology — voices from mainline Protestantism are silent. Part of this is due to the media's lack of attention to mainline religious leaders, and part is due to the laity's lack of engagement with the Bible outside of worship.

A side effect of this is that our communities can suffer a loss of perspective and hope when we?lose our ability to interpret and discuss current events through a biblical lens. The regular study and discussion of the Bible can be a joyful and transformative experience — revelatory even — not to mention enabling us to maintain strength in the struggle for justice and peace in the world.

Tom Liddle
Peace UCC
Duluth, Minn.

Save our UCC camps

I was raised at Dover Congregational UCC in Westlake, Ohio, and attended church camps when I was growing up.

Recently, I was on a women's retreat at Templed Hills [an outdoor ministry of the UCC's Ohio Conference]. The gentleman overseeing and maintaining the camp mentioned that if every UCC member donated just $5 that it would pay off the debt that our camps are in.

I am having my children go to both UCC camps [in Ohio] this summer and I want them to experience the fun, enjoyment and Christian fellowship that I did. I don't want to see the camps in decline or have us lose them after all these years.

Is it possible to start a campaign for this type of donation?

Beth Squires
Dublin (Ohio) Community UCC

'If we trust and obey'

Thanks for your encouragement in "Lord, create in my life and my church a miracle," the editorial from the Feb./March edition.
I think like you that, though things look so bleak sometimes, if we trust and obey God then why would He not send us miracles, even the greatest miracle of all — eternal salvation.

Miracles are hard for us to accept and comprehend. I guess that's why we call them miracles.

Joyce L. Rohrbach
Jamestown, Mo.

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