June - July 2007

July 1, 2007

UCC@50 — It's only a beginning. [Story]
 Extreme Makeover
UCC's national website unveils a brand new look.  [story]  
 Thomas Twins
They're both immersed in church work now.  [story]  
 Know Your 'God Stuff'"
Religious illiteracy is running rampant.  [story]  
 In The News
 In Montclair, N.J., vital UCC churches 'cooperate rather than compete'
 New retreat center nearing completion at historic 'Franklinton Center at Bricks'
 UCC's national website to debut new look in early June
 New and renewing churches granted endowment boost
 Across the UCC: Military Chaplaincy

 Opinion Matters
 A 'heady, exasperating mix'? — Don't forget 'beautiful,' 'hopeful,' too
 From the Collegium: 'Church was where the big things of life were addressed'
 Commentary: Zoo becomes funeral setting for 'one wild and precious life'
 Soapbox: Share your most memorable General Synod moment
 Letters to the Editor
 Tabulations: United Church News online

 New UCC report shows racism still tied to environmental injustice
 'Extrajudicial' killings of human rights workers escalate in Philippines
 UCC takes on Rupert Murdoch's New York media empire

 Spirtuality: UCC@50: Our faithful are still defending Naboth's vineyard

 UCC @ 50
 UCC-member Obama to speak at General Synod
 Despite Synod's celebratory tone, a few business items await delegates
 UCC's 26th General Synod is Edith Guffey's seventh as administrator

 Faithfully illiterate: What we don't know about religion hurts us all


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