Brass and glass mean 'Best of Class'—twice!
June 2001

United Church News received two national awards in April, from Associated Church Press and from the Religion Communicators Council. W. Evan Golder photo.

United Church News has been named by two different religious communication organizations as "Best of Class" for the year 2000.

In its national convention in Minneapolis from April 22-24, the Associated Church Press (ACP) gave United Church News an Award of Excellence in the National or International Newspaper category, followed by First Prize, Best of Class in the same category.

"The publication offers the whole package, balancing strong design and good writing," the judges wrote. "The page design offers creative and attractive layouts that appeal to a reader, especially the color photographs. Also, the stories demonstrate that substance and style can come together effectively."

ACP also awarded editor the Rev. W. Evan Golder's Current Comment column the Award of Excellence for Best Column in a Newspaper or News Service. "Golder's column deals with important life and world issues based on his own experience," said the judges.

"[He] takes courageous stands unprotected before his church. Consistently shows he can deal with complex topics in carefully structured and tightly written editorial comment."

That same week at its annual convention, also in Minneapolis, the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) awarded United Church News a DeRose-Hinkhouse Award of Excellence for Electronic Communication, that is, presentation on a website , followed by a Best of Class award in the same category.

The newspaper's web pages were designed by Andy Lang, Dan Hazard and Randy Varcho.

United Church News also won an RCC Award of Merit for the newspaper itself.

Other awards

The Rev. Robert Chase, Minister and Team Leader of the UCC's Proclamation, Identity and Communication Ministry, received an RCC Award of Merit for the video, "Amistad Rising," in the documentary/educational category.

Lois Ford Long of UCC-related Eden Seminary in St. Louis received an RCC Award of Excellence for the video, "Start Something: God's Calling You" in the promotional/informational category, followed by a Best of Class in the same category. She also received RCC Awards of Merit for the Eden Theological Seminary Scholarship Brochure and for the "Start Something: God's Calling You" press kit.