June - July 2006
July 1, 2006

"Local churches, ministers and laity alike need to be prodded, for we domesticate God's word too soon. Lacking the vigor to deal with big problems, we allow ourselves to become mesmerized by little ones."

The Rev. William Sloane Coffin, legendary UCC pastor, prophet and poet, who died April 12 at age 81. (From "Credo," Westminster John Knox Press, 2004)

"We need to differentiate between loving critics and critics who are looking to divide and destroy."

The Rev. John Thomas, speaking to The New York Times (April 7).

"Make no mistake, the objectives of the Institute on Religion and Democracy are the exact opposite of what its name appears to stand for. The purpose of its leaders is to demoralize the mainline denominations and to turn them away from the pursuit of social and economic justice."

The Rev. Avery Post, former UCC president (1977-1989), writing to pastors and congregations in 1982. (See 'Amplifying the Mainline' on page 8.)

"In rejecting the [UCC's] ad, the major broadcast outlets have been met with only murmurs of protest for what should be a boycotting offense."

Columnist Adele M. Stan of The American Prospect in her May 8 column, "Divine Denial," appearing, of all places, at cbsnews.com.

"Everybody's been very disturbed about the situation and struggling with how can an individual or congregation make a difference in Darfur."

The Rev. Julie Peeples, pastor of Congregational UCC in Greensboro, N.C., speaking about the genocide in Sudan's Darfur region and her church's decision to join the "Dear Sudan" campaign (Greensboro News-Record, May 8). Learn how to get your church involved at dearsudan.org. 


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