February - March 2009

"We cannot deny that the U.S. has a great responsibility for the uprooted lives of literally millions of people - people for whom we and our partner churches are trying to care in a variety of ways."

Peter Makari, Global Ministries Area Executive for the Middle East and Europe, in a letter on the human cost of U.S. initiated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Most people who live here are depressed. If they weren't, there'd be something wrong with them."

The Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson, interim pastor at Beecher Memorial UCC in New Orleans, regarding the psychological state of those who are rebuilding lives and homes after Hurricane Katrina.

"In a world where folks are daunted by thousands of choices and haunted by temptations towards relativism, the success of an organization's brand (not to mention existence) is contingent on its niche."

Alex Steed of NetSquared.org in his assessment of the UCC's ability to reach people in their 20s and 30s via online community organizing.

"Every time I sign a license, it's like I'm saying, 'OK' - but it's not OK."

The Rev. Pam Shepherd on the decision by Congregational UCC of Ashland, Ore., to stop signing marriage licenses until Oregon recognizes same-sex marriage.