February - March 2008
 God in the Numbers
Can we explore the Divine through science? [Story]
 Centro Romero
California border ministry honors retiring Conference Minister.  [story]  
 Minding The Kids
Minister challenges church to remember its children.  [story]  
 Amistad Adventure
Pastor sails 'Middle Passage' and shares Amistad story.  [story]  
 Can science deepen your faith?
 UCC scientists, theologians pen groundbreaking pastoral letter
 'A New Voice Arising'

 In The News
 New national ministry opens on U.S.-Mexico border
 New Jersey pastor sails sabbatical seas aboard Amistad
 Fundraising training is new, strange frontier for UCC pastors, leaders
 Thomas denounces smear campaign against UCC's largest congregation
 Cathedral of Hope UCC pledges to start five new churches in five years
 Stillspeaking launches radio campaign, grant opportunities
 UCC ad to air on Sirius Satellite Radio
 Deceased mother of shuttle astronaut was UCC
 Tabulations: 140+

 Opinion Matters
 From the Collegium: 'I am still called to serve the local church'
 '100,000 for Peace' has been UCC-styled 'Christian witness'
 Children's ministry has important role for UCC churches
 What's your take on the intersection of Science and Religion?
 Letters to the Editor

 Global Village
 In Jordan, Iraqi 'refugees' have rights, but 'guests' don't
 Stepping out of 'comfort zone' reveals Middle East church exec's call
 Sabbatical leads to new school in impoverished new nation

 California church gives life to professional 'Stillspeaking Theatre'
 Q&A: 'Veggie Tales' creator talks turkey - uh, turnips

 Across the UCC
 Mission: Malawi


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