August - September 2007
August 1, 2007

Synod was full of more noteworthy speeches than this single edition of United Church News could possibly report. Here are a few quotables worth mentioning. Read more about these and other presentations at ucc.org/news.

"There is no greater task, no more difficult task than to educate our youth in the name of Jesus Christ. If it isn't getting done for our children, there's only one place to look – and that's in the mirror."

The Rev. Da Vita McCallister, UCC minister, preaching at Synod's opening worship on June 22.

"UCC members continue to inspire us. You are living examples of Christ's own thirst for justice that moves you to serve others, especially the poor, the immigrant, the homeless."

The Rev. Peter Rosazza, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Hartford, in his June 23 homily to Synod delegates and visitors.

"People aren't boats and the economy isn't an ocean, and if you can't afford a boat, the rising tide goes up your nose."

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) speaking at the UCC's Christian for Justice Action luncheon on June 25.

"Once you have experienced Pentecost, you have no choice but to continue to stand for justice and to promote peace and righteousness. You are not done."

Dr. Mary Mikhael, president of the UCC-supported Near East School of Theology in Beirut, Lebanon, preaching at Synod's closing worship service on June 26. 


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