August - September 2007

 Ayes' on Hartford
Attendees seem to agree, Synod was arena-sized success. [Story]
 Chase is Over
Communication director bid farewell.  [story]  
 Preacher Dates
How one pastor found healing after divorce.  [story]  
 Counting Quandries
Size of denominations often skewed.  [story]  
 General Synod
 Synod delivers on promise of celebration, displays of unity
 Obama: Without faith, 'something was missing'
 Redgrave: 'Time is short — live every moment'
 Moyers: UCC is challenged to 'Drive out the money changers'
 Edelman: 'Reset America's moral compass'
 Thomas: 'Find, commission, inspire' UCC's future
 'Now is the time' to celebrate new churches
 Laser show lights up UCC@50 birthday bash
 Service projects energize volunteers
 Stillspeaking is stillgoing,
 Synod Scorecard
 Guffey re-elected associate general minister
 Cally Rogers-Witte re-elected as WCM executive

 In The News
 When it comes to church membership numbers, the devil's in the details
 Volunteer medical missionary frustrated, encouraged in Paraguay
 Thomas: UCC remains committed to media advocacy
 Chase leaving top communication post
 Across the UCC: In service, chaplains remind soldiers of others' love and concern

 Opinion Matters
 Departing publisher: 'God has richly blessed us in this ministry'
 From the Collegium: Party never over for church that proclaims Jubilee
 Commentary: 'That they may all be one'
 Commentary: 'Can we find a way to value all our members?'
 To 'UCC' or not — what do you think? Let's 'soapbox' about it
 Letters to the Editor
 Tabulations: Loaves and Fishes

 Can I have 100,000 witnesses?

 Let's be the church through 'lived worship'
 How the UCC Book of Worship got me a date


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