Strengthen your prayer life by exploring different ways to pray
August - September 2006
September 1, 2006

Intercessory prayer. Bring your concerns to God's threshold. It doesn't matter how or what.

Body prayer. Use movement, along with words, to express yourself.

Arrow prayers. Informal prayers, spoken aloud or silently, as situations arise. Most fall into two categories: "Help!" or "Thank you!"

Musical prayer. "The person who sings prays twice," the old adage goes.

Centering prayer. Simply rest in the presence of God.

Lectio Divina. Use "sacred readings" to educate, illumine and transform.

Practice gratitude. "Gratitude is the precise creaturely counterpart to the grace of God," wrote Karl Barth.

Pray out loud. Overcome your hesitancy to pray in front of others. Create and rehearse forms that work for you.

Based on suggestions from "A praying congregation: The art of teaching spiritual practice" (Alban, 2005) by the Rev. Jane E. Vennard, a UCC minister.  


Rev. J. Bennett Guess
Executive Minister, Local Church Ministries
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