August - September 2006
September 1, 2006

"While I don't agree with everything that comes out of the national setting of the UCC, I don't agree with everything my wife says either and I have no intention of divorcing either one."

The Rev. Scott MacLean, UCC minister and a Republican candidate for Connecticut's first district congressional seat, after his Republican primary opponent, Miriam Masullo, issued a five-page letter on July 5 criticizing the UCC and MacLean's church affiliation.

"We have slowly, incrementally accepted the unacceptable. Who would have thought we would have a discussion about whether we should torture people?"

The Rev. Robin Meyers, pastor of Mayflower Congregational UCC in Oklahoma City, discussing his new book, "Why the Christian Right is Wrong." (Bellingham, Wash., Herald, July 13)

"We're willing to wrestle with ethically questionable issues, rather than just naysaying the research."

The Rev. David Popham, Rocky Mountain Associate Conference Minister, speaking to Denver's Rocky Mountain News, explaining how UCC members generally view medical breakthroughs, such as stem cell research, as part of God's handiwork. (July 18)

"There's a huge need for any church to be involved in something larger than itself. The thing that impressed us about the UCC is they are issuing an extravagant welcome."

The Rev. Cynthia Andrews-Looper, pastor of Holy Trinity Community Church (now UCC) in Nashville, speaking to The Tennessean on why her 250-member church was drawn to affiliate with the UCC. Holy Trinity was formally welcomed into the UCC's Southeast Conference on June 25. 


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