August - September 2008

The Rev. Clifton H. Johnson, 86, who served as race relations director with the former United Church Board of Homeland Ministries, died May 26 in Eugene, Ore., where he was a member of First Congregational UCC.

Johnson founded the Amistad Research Center at UCC-related Fisk University, where he had once served as archivist. He was later named the Amistad Research Center's Executive Director Emeritus by Tulane University, where the Center relocated in 1970.

Johnson distinguished himself as both an academic historian and pioneering justice advocate.

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Aisenbrey, Donald R., 70, 5/2/2008
Anderson, Richard M., 67, 5/19/2008
Auler, Harold N., 88, 5/1/2008
Barndt, William G., 93, 4/28/2008
Barnes, Charles W., 76, 4/29/2008
Blair, William C., 83, 4/26/2008
Bonner, Harold W., 91, 4/28/2008
Brewer, Alvin C., 77, 4/24/2008
Brown, George W., 84, 5/11/2008
Campbell, W. Fred, 97, 5/9/2008
Cassiday, Donald M., 89, 5/6/2008
Chang, Kwai Sing, 86, 4/12/2008
Childs, Henry M., 90, 4/20/2008
Correll, Harlan G., 81, 5/19/2008
Dillenberger, John, 89, 2/7/2008
Ebersole, Eleanor S., 83, 4/29/2008
Heath, Doris L., 102, 5/14/2008
Kimball, Ralph H., 93, 5/9/2008
Kruse, Earl J., 73, 5/13/2008
McArthur, Harvey K., 95, 1/12/2008
McQuiston, James Elliott, 87, 5/2/2008
Reader, Maxwell, 89, 5/16/2008
Seeber, Gregory L., 61, 4/23/2008
Smith, Carl T., 90, 4/7/2008
Smith, Gregory D., 59, 5/26/2008
Sperry, Gordon H., 86, 4/19/2008
Van Camp, Arthur, 89, 5/18/2008
Yamamoto, Haruo, 81, 4/18/2008

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