Letters to the Editor
August - September 2008

 'Great surprise'

I just want to thank the Pension Boards for the wonderful refund of one month's premium for the health plan. In this time of tight money for retirees it was a great surprise to receive this check.

It was much better for the Pension Boards to send a refund midyear than to have lowered premiums based on projections at the beginning of the year and find that you would have to raise them in the following year.

The Pension Boards is an organization that members always could count on to do the right thing.

Frank Patti

via e-mail


Obama's 'political expediency'

In June 2007, Senator Barack Obama spoke to the 50th anniversary General Synod on how his personal life intersected with his public life. Did he suggest that when the going got tough at UCC Trinity, that he would simply drop out for political expediency?

He missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate — as the UCC's recent New York Times ad stated — that we support liberty in our pulpits, just as we affirm the individual conscience for our 1.2 million members to agree, disagree and wrestle with the biggest questions in a spirit of love. Further, we don't have to check our brains at the door.

Senator Obama found it easier to quit. Is this the way he would handle the challenges he may face as the future leader of our country. He received my vote in the primary, but I may be the one making a change in the general election.

Lloyd Bettis

Glenview (Ill.) Community UCC


UCC 'assisting Obama's opponents'

The intemperate remarks of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright caused considerable damage to the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama. In the months ahead we can expect supporters of Sen. Obama's opponent to try not to let this problem go away by reminding American voters of Rev. Wright's controversial remarks and connecting them to Sen. Obama.

So, the United Church of Christ chooses this moment in history to put its muscle behind a campaign to assist Obama's opponents as much as possible by focusing on a so-called sacred conversation on race. Such a conversation is needed, but choosing to do it now, with so much fanfare, is right out of the Republicans' playbook. The McCain folks will love us for it. As an Obama supporter, I wish the UCC had thought first.

Raleigh C. Mann

United Church of Chapel Hill (N.C.)


Rev. J. Bennett Guess
Executive Minister, Local Church Ministries
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland,Ohio 44115