April - May 2009

"I reached up and touched the comma [pin] three times before I recognized what I was to do. I removed it and, as I was leaving, I dropped it into his hand. You'd have thought it was at least a hundred dollar bill or something."

The Rev. Chris Rankin, of St. John's UCC in Fredericksburg, Pa., on giving his Stillspeaking comma pin to a stranger who asked Rankin what it symbolized..

"I wanted to be a part of something historical. I think rural Lebanon, Pa., might not be the place which people think of as being a center of attention for the inauguration."

The Rev. Christopher Rodkey, of Zion Goshert's UCC in Lebanon, Pa., on the Library of Congress American Folklife Center's inclusion of his presidential inaugural sermon in their collection.

"If a people were allowed to withhold the civil and inalienable rights of a minority group, and re-enforce their privilege by a simple majority vote, then African Americans would still be under the bondage of chattel slavery and indentured servitude."

Bishop Yvette Flunder, of City of Refuge UCC in San Francisco, Calif., speaking to opponents of California's Proposition 8 which restricts marriage to one man and one woman. The state's Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the proposition's repeal on March 5.

"As a young person, I need a church that welcomes me — a church that can outwardly say that I am accepted for exactly who I am."

Susan Chadwick, of Dover UCC in Westlake, Ohio, and a junior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis.