April - May 2008

"There's a danger in judging someone based on snippets. ...Preachers, politicians and columnists can only hope to be judged on the body of their work, not the snippets."

Editorial writer Barb Shelly of the Kansas City Star (March 16)

"[Jeremiah] Wright attracted a congregation that colleagues herald as the most diverse of any black church in the United States. Obama, Oprah Winfrey, gangsters, bankers, destitute women in ratty sweatshirts all cram into Trinity's pews, and Wright demanded that they all hold hands."

A description of Chicago's Trinity UCC in a lengthy feature story in The Washington Post (March 18).

"It's about the least scary place on the planet."

Melissa Harris-Lacewell, a professor at Princeton University who previously worshiped at Chicago's Trinity UCC, speaking of the congregation, as quoted in a column at washingtonpost.com. (March 18)

"[Jeremiah] Wright loves America. That's why he's so angry. Angry because the nation does not deliver on its promises and its possibility."

Dwight Hopkins, a University of Chicago theologian, speaking to USA Today (March 19)

"Jesus says my mission is to eradicate poverty and to bring about freedom and liberation for the oppressed. And most Christian pastors in America skip over that part of the book."

Hopkins, speaking again, on NPR's Morning Edition. (March 19).

"I have heard from dozens of pastors over the past five or six days, and they just laugh out loud that people would think their parishioners agree with every word."

The Rev. Jim Antal, Massachusetts Conference Minister, speaking to the Wright controversy. (Boston Globe, March 19)


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