United Church News April - May 2008
 Going Green
Churches dig deep, unearth environmentally-friendly initiatives.  [Story]
 Positive Change
OCWM sees $1.2 million increase in 2007.  [story]
 Holy Obedience
UCC member faces jail time for Guantánamo protest.  [story]
 In Case of Rapture
New film explores 'bumper-sticker theology.'  [story]

 Churches are learning, living the complexity of 'going green'
 Excerpts: 'And Indeed It Is Very Good,' A UCC Pastoral Letter

 In The News
 Church leaders defend Jeremiah Wright against 'character assassination'
 Top U.S. attorney to represent UCC in IRS tax status probe
 This July, Craigville Colloquy to mark 25th year of theological exploration
 UCC sees $1.2 million increase in basic giving to national, regional ministries
 Search process begins for next UCC General Minister and President
 Accompaniment CDs now available for The New Century Hymnal
 Tabulations: Trinity's testament

 Opinion Matters
 From the Collegium: National church must have honest conversation about race
 Lawrence King's death touches home, yet so few know his story
 Let's reflect on what really makes for excellent public schools
 Amid hectic schedule, pastor offers reminder: 'You are loved'
 Soapbox: What's your take on the intersection of Science and Religion?
 Letters to the Editor

 Global Village
 Media with a Mission: Stillspeaking's radio ads airing in local markets
 Even in Paris, refugees seek assistance and asylum
 'Tents of Hope' raise awareness, connect churches to crisis in Darfur

 Christian's civil disobedience hopes to hasten Guantánamo prison closure

 Independent film explores America's bumper-sticker theology

 Across the UCC
 Growing lay ministries

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