2000 UCC News Archives

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 December 2000

'And this will be a sign for you, ...'—How do we help children grieve when someone dies?—Family reunion draws 700 to Kansas City—Child sponsorship makes world of difference—School of the Americas: New name, same game?—Revitalization sweeps the Southeast Conference—Chaplain squeezes out a new identity—Amistad Chapel gets 2 new organs as gifts—Public opinion changing on death penalty—Bible not best resource on sex, argue African-American theologians—'Generous spirit' absent in Vatican document—New board debates, affirms controversial scholarship—Lutheran, UCC social ministry leaders say, 'Diversity works'—A Christmas Story: Contrition foundÑin tiny, shiny stars—As I See It: Reaching deep into God's bag of abundance—In My Opinion: A trip to Cleveland changed my point of view—From the Collegium: AdventÑWaiting for the 'wonderous gift'—Current Comment: Murder victims families give gift of life—Letters to the editor—News Briefs

Local Church Ministries Insert

Local Church Ministries News and Views—Local Church Ministries: Meet the team—Adding God's light to the land of the midnight sun—Building a congregation the 'Rocky Mountain way'—Making ministry come alive—Money? 'Energizing and enlightening?' You bet!—Women in Mission grows; UCC musicians to meet in Cleveland—New book explores Bible's 'bad girls'

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 November 2000

She's 88 and she's crocheting for the world...one stitch at a time—Children become targets in Palestine violence—After bizarre tragedy, prayers, compassion—Jazz breathes new life into worship—USS Cole tragedy claims grandson of Avery Post; UCC statement issued—National restructure: It's a work in progress—Hills of Kentucky refresh activists' spirits—Churches celebrate debt relief—UCC, Disciples urge prayers, end to acts of 'violence and agression'—As I See It: Restructure artist painted big picture—Focus on Faith: Be grateful every day for specific gifts—Focus on Faith: World AIDS day is best described as Advent—From the Collegium: Churches called to help overcome violence—Current Comment: Be grateful for God's abundance—and share—Letters to the editor—News Briefs

Feature Focus - Where gladness and hunger meet

Feature Focus: Where gladness and hunger meet—Remembering death row prisoners—How do we shape a world safe for kids?—No more racist sports names!

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 October 2000

Zimbabwe, baptism...and a wheelbarrow: A missionary's tale—'Ken of all trades' chaplain at Catawba College—Religion and politics highlighted in Vol. 5 of Living Theological Heritage—Mother of four starts PFLAG chapter—New York church, community rally to support kidney transplant family—Pilgrim Press continues to sound the alarm and inform its readers—Young adult advisors gear for Gen Xers—Report casts doubt on death row convictions—150 UCC churches have parish nurses—Senate candidates worship at same church—As I See It: Giving and inviting gifts is a call, not a choice—Focus on Faith: God finds delight in the sensuality of our lives—In My Opinion: We should look for youth to consider ministry—From the Collegium: We are obligated to pray for our public schools—Current Comment: On election day, vote for health care reform—Letters to the editor—News Briefs

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 September 2000

Amistad: Re-creation of historic schooner undertakes her mission—Assisted suicide: Whose choice is it?—Imani: Woman of promise shot down at 17—Church camp: 'An encounter with Jesus'—Access ramp is 'an up-front commitment'—United Black Christians/Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice—Summer meetings: Welcome Our Witness—Summer meetings: Pacific Islander and Asian-American Ministries—TV show examines 'spirit' in the news—Search committees named for two UCC officers—Deadlines approaching for Synod business—Letters to the editor—From the Collegium—Current Comment—News Briefs

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 July-August 2000

Celebrate! A new day dawns—Gala weekend brings joy, prayer and new dreams—National Youth Event changes lives—NYE workshops prompt discussion, reflection—Women's efforts highlighted in 4th volume of Living Theological Heritage—UCC members tackle challenges of global economy—Three top execs to leave national offices—Scholarship fund announced for gay, lesbian seminarians—Final meeting not the end of agency's historic road—Food is focus of Asian Rural Institute—Newest round of national appointees announced—Letters to the editor—From the Collegium—Current Comment—News Briefs

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 June 2000

Welcome to Amistad Chapel!—Historic church burned, schoolboys suspected—Honoring the past, starting anew—Faith groups urged to share Jerusalem—What do you do when your loved one commits suicide?—UCC president denounces removal of peaceful protestors on Vieques—Zimbabwe missionaries put on alert—National Women's Meeting: 'What the kin-dom looks like'—Letters to the editor—Focus on Faith—Focus on Faith 2—From the Collegium (Elect)—Current Comment—In My Opinion—News Briefs

Feature Focus - The Kids Are Alright!

Helping provide a strong foundation for the future—A reflection on Jeremiah 1:4-8—In-mission trips: 'Givers' receive and 'receivers' give—Hospitality turns into a helping-hand mission—Youth and young adults aid migrant workers—When God is calling: How will I know?—It's a question of faith—Learning what one lives—Choices can bring pain—Power-building workshop a 'focus' for Samoan youth—Youth and adults explore ways to work together—Lucky is as lucky does—Try these programs in your youth ministry

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 May 2000

Debt relief supporters encircle U.S. Capitol—Last Pilgrim ruins may be lost—From New York to San Diego: Clergy react to police violence—The National Youth Event is coming; are you going?—Iowa teacher, pupils share national exposure—ABC-TV puts 'Wonderland' on 'hiatus'—Seattle's Beacon Avenue UCC finds new life—Retreat helps battered clergy reclaim 'sense of call'—Newest round of UCC national staff appointments announced—United Church News, Office of Communication win awards—NYE T-shirts never die! They just make new friends—Cycle of Prayer for the UCC and the world planned—Free speech loses round in Cleveland—Letters to the editor—Focus on Faith—From the Collegium (Elect)—Current Comment—In My Opinion—In My Opinion 2—News Briefs

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 April 2000

Freedom schooner Amistad is launched—UCC delegation sees destruction, rebirth in Vieques—UCC presidents help pass minimum wage bill—Resurrection through good works in South Africa—Colombia military aid opposed by churches—Churches bridge divide between races and towns—National women's meeting to highlight various traditions—Congress threatens microradio stations—Church prepares for Easter TV special—Letters to the editor—Focus on Faith—As I See It—From the Collegium (Elect)—Current Comment—In My Opinion—News Briefs

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 March 2000

Twister flattens Georgia trailer park, killing 19—California's Prop 22 galvanizes churches—Covenanted ministries announce staff positions—Thomas charts UCC course—Letters to the editor—As I See It—From the Collegium (Elect)—Current Comment—In My Opinion—In My Opinion 2—News Briefs

Feature Focus - Jubilee 2000

Feature Focus - Jubilee 2000—Cancel the debt now!—Jubilee 2000 national mobilization—Proclaim Jubilee! Cancel the debt NOW!—Prophets emerge in unjust times—A 'global consensus' has emerged for debt relief—We have a great opportunity—Understanding debt: A crash course—A dialogue about debt—Rising Voices—Declare your church a Jubilee Church!—Sermon starter: infinity and debt—Think about it / Talk about it—The 41 Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)—Resources

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 January-February 2000

Princeville: 'We definitely will rebuild'—National Council delegation visits Cuba —Missing tree frogs show effect of bombs—Seattle churches send message to WTO—Does your church have an investment policy? —Religious leaders call for consistent sexual ethic—Ford grant to support microradio—World's faith traditions meet in Capetown—Hear one last word about the millennium—Church denied boy scout troop—Clergy salaries up in 1999—Letters to the editor—As I See It: Public school reform will begin in the pews—From the Collegium (Elect): Shared ministry is way of living out faith—Current Comment: Another innocent man to be executed?—Focus on Faith: What do you say when a church closes its doors?—Heartwarmer: What kind of person do you want to be?—News Briefs

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