UCC ministerial scholarships exceed $700,000

UCC ministerial scholarships exceed $700,000

December 31, 2002
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 UCC ministerial scholarships exceed $700,000

January-February 2003

Each year, the United Church of Christ gives hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to UCC and global partner-church seminarians, and in grants for continuing education. In 2002 alone, $710,112 was distributed in the form of various awards:

Make a Difference Awards

The Make a Difference awards are funded from contributions to the Make A Difference! capital campaign, held in the mid-1990s.

In 2002, $51,331 was distributed in these ways:  Seminarian scholarships, $14,700  Doctoral awards, $4,005  Educational support awards, $12,800  Seminarian gatherings, $1,593  UCC-related Health and Human Service administrator training, $2,002  Bi-vocational and licensed ministry training, $1,200  Continuing education, $10,356  Global and overseas partner church awards, $4,675.

The Cannon Endowment Scholarship

The Cannon Scholarship was established in 1992 through a gift from Clinton Cannon, an army retiree. It provides assistance to seminarians planning to become military chaplains.

In 2002, $9,000 was awarded to three UCC seminarians.

The Garrett Trust Scholarship Fund

The Garrett Fund was established in 1946 to provide scholarships to seminary students seeking an M.Div. degree.

In 2002, $8,700 was distributed.

The Adrienne M. and Charles Shelby Rooks Fellowship for Racial and Ethnic Theological Students

The Rooks Fellowship was established to support the seminary education of UCC members from racial and ethnic groups under-represented in the church.

In 2002, $114,825 was awarded.

The Richard and Helen Brown Pastoral Scholarships

Richard and Helen Brown left approximately $5 million to United Church Foundation to establish an endowment for pastoral scholarships. A large portion of the endowment is used to provide scholarships for UCC seminarians.

Scholarships also are awarded annually to a student of an overseas partner church and to overseas/global partner church members for continuing education leading toward professional ministry.

In 2002, $502,506 was awarded:  UCC seminarian scholarships administered by the seven seminaries of the UCC.

In 2002, $172,580 was awarded to UCC students and $20,000 was awarded to international seminarians in UCC seminaries.  UCC seminarian scholarships administered by Council for Racial and Ethnic Ministries (COREM). In 2002, these included $7,500 awarded by United Black Christians; $12,000 awarded by the Council of Hispanic Ministries; $16,500 awarded by Ministries for Racial, Social and Economic Justice; and $13,285 awarded by Pacific Islander and Asian-American Ministries.  Bi-vocational and lay ministry training, $17,000. < Continuing education in the UCC, $153,125.  Scholarships administered by Wider Church Ministries.

In 2002, scholarships totaling $49,512 were awarded to seminarians in overseas/global partner churches.

Additionally, $41,004 was awarded for continuing education in overseas/ global partner churches.

The William R. Johnson Scholarship

The Johnson Scholarship was established in 2000 to provide scholarships for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender seminarians. In 2002, the fund distributed $23,750 in scholarships.

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For more information on UCC scholarships, contact Veronica Jefferson of the UCC's Parish Life and Leadership Ministry, 216-736- 3839; Mail jeffersv@ucc.org. For a full list of scholarship recipients, go to File www.ucc.org/seminarians.

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