UCC General Minister and President offers prayers for Boston and the world

UCC General Minister and President offers prayers for Boston and the world

April 16, 2013
Written by Connie Larkman

As federal investigators work to bring the bombers who chose to attack spectators at the Boston Marathon to justice, the United Church of Christ General Minister and President the Rev. Geoffrey Black offers this prayer – A Prayer for the people of Boston and the People of the World – as the world tries to cope with the injuries and deaths suffered by innocent people cheering on runners at the finish line.

A Prayer for the People of Boston and the People of the World

Loving Creator, God of the ages, we look to your holy presence even here and now.

Our turning is to you as always and certainly in these days following the shock and bewilderment born of the wanton destruction, that has caused injury to many and even loss of life.

The joy of a beautiful day has been turned into suffering, pain and grief. Bombs have again been detonated in the midst of your people.

This time the people of Boston and their guests from around the world were the target. Yet, we are ever mindful that the same suffering, the same grief has been experienced by your people in places near and far, throughout the world on other days. 

We are troubled by this truth of our times and times in the past, that violence is too often the tool of choice for individuals, movements and even governments as they seek advantage or to impose their will on others.

Still our hope is grounded in you and your eternal faithfulness with us and all of creation. In our hope we continue to pray.

Bestow on us your spirit of compassion so that we may be the vessels of compassion and care in the midst of this suffering, oh God.

Gift us now, we pray, with clarity of mind to know your will for peace in the midst of the strife, this thread of hope that runs through the fabric of our days. 

Help us respond to this harsh reality of these times with the firm resolve of love.  For we know that only love will overcome fear and hatred.

As the days pass and the despair of the present grows distant in our memories, strengthen us with the courage to live and work for peace with justice in this land and among your people, and in all lands and nations throughout the world.

This we pray in the name of the Risen One, Jesus the Christ.  Amen. 

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